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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assets & Liabilities for August 2009

A monthly look at actions that enhance or support our democracy and those that do not!

Very little positive this month on the democracy front, but our own government seems determined to do everything it can to whittle away at anything that is not to their personal political advantage.

Liability:- “While some have advocated ending the per-vote subsidy only for the Bloc Québécois, that is not the position of our Conservative government. We believe that no party should have its operations supported by this taxpayer subsidy and that all parties should be primarily funded by their supporters.
Steven Fletcher, Minister of State for (the suppression of) Democratic Reform, Ottawa

But the taxpayer subsidy for direct contributions from the supporters is OK it seems!

Liability:- Once again our tax dollars are being used for partisan purposes, the Conservatives decided to use a 10 percenter to attack Charlie Angus and the plight of the children of Attawapiskat.

Unfortunately it seems that there will be no end to this as this practice is now spreading to the other partys and no enforcement of the rules is probable any time soon.

Sorry for the one-sided post, but that was the ammunition I was handed this month!! Support Democracy - Recommend this Post at Progressive Bloggers

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