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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Democracy is Under Attack

The title of this Blog says it all, and if some readers find this post “partisan” then so be it, for the attacks upon our democracy seem to be coming primarily from one direction. That the recent total distain for the will of Parliament by the current political party in power is but one small item in a long string of such actions, make it all the more necessary to make sure that everyone realizes the import of such actions. This is NOT about prisoner abuse, important as that may be, but about our “government” hiding information and blocking our elected representatives from getting at the truth. I am so upset by this blatant abuse of our parliamentary traditions that I cannot rationally post about it. This then is a collection of recent writings on the subject from just a few of those that are as concerned as I for our democracy under the hands of the present “leader”, even if you only read a few of these opinions you will get the general idea!

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The online community and even the MSM is obviously starting to realize what is going on, but how many of those who just watch the evening news have a true sense of the dangers from those who would take executive powers far beyond its intended use. Call it an Oligarchy or possibly even the thin edge of Dictatorship but it sure as H is not Democracy!

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Anonymous said...

If your keeping a running list then include today's Siddiqui: Harper acting like an elected dictator.
Where he cites all the heads that have rolled under Harper.

The Opposition are aware of this, but what are they doing about it?

Sudbury Steve said...

Toe, I'm sure that the Opposition will be voting to oust the current government on the very next matter of confidence when it comes before the House. They must know that's the only meaningful action they can take in the face of this parliamentary contempt. I know the Opposition; these guys'll do the right thing.


Uhm, right?