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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some things are worth returning for...

Two things of note. Firstly a new non governmental web site making it easer to find information about parliamentary debates and the action of your (or any MP). Check it out at http://openparliament.ca/

On the opposite end of the scale a recent report tells us that the Harper Regiem is failing in its “Open and Accountable” promises ….. that’s not news but now it is clearly documented!

“Federal delays in answering queries from the public are getting worse and threaten to scuttle the right to know, says Canada's information watchdog.Interim information commissioner Suzanne Legault urged government agencies to take "immediate steps" to curb the persistent foot-dragging she detailed Tuesday in a special report to Parliament.”

“She gave the Privy Council Office, the central branch that serves the prime minister, a D for lagging behind the pack last year. It took the agency an average of more than five months to complete a request.”

See the Special Report:
Out of Time: 2008–2009 Report Cards and Systemic...
(25Mb PDF)

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