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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anti-democratic News Media

It has been reported this morning that the news media barons have decided that you shall not hear from all the political leaders in any upcoming debate, but that Elizabeth May who had the support of over 900,000 voters right across Canada in the last election will be excluded. This is particularly galling when a regional party, the Bloc,with only a slightly higher popular vote and NO representation outside of Quebec is included. Who gave them the right to decide who you can and cannot listen to, who gave them the right to effectively pre-decide who should have the opportunity to put their views before the public, why should we allow a few corporate big wigs to artificially spin the odds in favor of the incumbent partys.
It matters not which party you support this is once again an affront to democracy, not this time by the Harper regime but by the corporate media barons, it is unacceptable to exclude a party who represents the wishes of so many Canadians.
I have no doubt that there will be the same outrage that a similar decision last time brought about, it was eventually changed to include Ms May and any citizen who truly cares about democracy must once again let these media types that pre-filtering the news and political debates is no less a measure of contempt for democracy than the Harper regime has shown of late.

Elizabeth May MUST be included in the debate if it is to have ANY legitimacy in helping us decide who REALLY cares about our parliamentary democracy.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Stephen Harper is going to be the only one who really wants to deny May her right to debate and this is because the Green Party's true colours are not Red-ish or Orange-ish, but Blue-ish.

As such, Stephen Harper doesn't want to dilute the conservative vote.

Alan Goodhall said...

On a positive note this decision has solidified my support even more behind the Greens and their push for democratic reform. It has also sent a message to all Canadians who, I think for the most part, support hearing from all sides of the political spectrum no matter how they cast their vote come election day. The message is: Don't take away my right to hear from all sides. I think events in the middle east have highlighted this for all of us over the past months.

Do you think Canadians may be tiring of the "talking point" bandwagon we have been on for the last god knows how long?

Rural said...

I know I am tired of hearing the same spin and lies day after day Al! The plan seems to be to turn off as many people as possible so that they do not vote, which of course favors the incumbent, this along with the ability of the 'rich' partys to put their message before the public in addition to the already biased media messages make a mockery of 'democratic' choice. The Libs are making lots of noise this time around about contempt of parliament but unlike the Greens I have heard or seen nothing from them about parliamentary or electoral reform.