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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Only hope for Democracy?

This came to my inbox, and although both Rural and I agree that such a plan might be the only real hope we have for democracy (albeit one fraught with potential complications), we also are not going to hold our breaths.  At any rate, what is refreshing is that people are coming up with plans, breaking new ground, thinking "out of the box".  That is indeed what it will take to counter Herr Harper's dictatorial regime.  I'm curious to see what other people think of this strategy, so please post your comments!


Dear friends - Chers (chères) ami(e)s,

How can we make our democracy work better for Canadians? There’s no easy solution. That’s why we need to know what you think about one specific, and potentially urgent, idea.

Some quick background: Leadnow launched before the last federal election to bring Canadians together and call for politicians to cooperate on the major challenges facing our country. During that election, 61% of voters cast ballots for change. After the election, the Leadnow community hosted a series of local gatherings (and online votes) all across Canada to set our direction for the coming years. Thousands of us voted to make electoral reform one of our highest campaign priorities.

It comes down to this: we believe that Canada needs a multi-party political system and electoral reform to make sure we can elect governments that best represent all Canadians. The question is: how do we get there? We want to know what you think of the following statement (we are the authors of the statement, which we are using to learn what you think):

“I call on the opposition party leaders to support political cooperation for electoral reform. During the next federal election, the NDP, Liberals and Greens should work together in key ridings to defeat Conservative incumbents. After the election, they should cooperate to pass electoral reform and make sure our government better reflects the values and priorities of all Canadians.”

What do you think?

I strongly agreeI agreeI disagreeI strongly disagree

Thank you for all you do.

With hope and respect,

Jamie, Matthew, Anna, Emma, Adam, Gracen, Ryan on behalf of the Leadnow team and volunteers.

Leadnow.ca is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

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