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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are Armbands the Answer?

Its been a strange week with so much going on that it has left this old fellow wondering which particular shiny object to focus his attention on. Should it be the defeat of the extreme right in favor of the slightly less extreme right in Alberta, the last minute reprieve from yet another election in Ontario, the visit of Li Changchun the Communist Party of China party’s propaganda chief with Stephen Harper closely followed by the news that our scientists are being 'shadowed' by "media liason staffers"at the International Polar Year Conference in Montreal. Its getting harder and harder to keep up. What with Parliamentary committees wasting time on the Vickieleaks affair whist at the same time trying to block examination of key players in the F35 fiasco, the ongoing attacks on any one who opposes the Harper agenda, the gutting of environmental regulations, the legislation to limit the ability of citizen groups to raise funds to fight government policy, its all simply too much. That the very process that we use to elect these 'representatives' has been compromised leaves me not knowing where to turn next.

Its all leaving this old fellow rather confused, I simply know that the direction that things seem to be going in this Canada of ours is not one that gives me much optimism for the future, were I younger I would perhaps do more than just write about these things but the more I read of these political machinations the tireder I get. I begin to despair for my kids.

As The Mound of Sound said in a comment regarding his post 'Look, I'm Only Trying to Start a Revolution' “Look, to everyone reading this - the future of your grandkids is being written today - in indelible ink. Deal with that - or not.”

In said post he says “I want you to rise up in revolt against Stephen Harper's malignant regime.  I want you to stand up - in public - and tell everyone around you that he's crossed the line.   I want you to proclaim that Canada won't be governed - or perverted - by  Stephen Harper.” and goes on to suggest that “All I want you to do is wear an armband, a band of black cloth with an embossed red maple leaf.  I want you to wear that, leaf turned upside down in the international symbol of distress.”

Not a bad plan, I for one am very 'distressed' with our current federal regime, as one commenter pointed out I am not so sure about the connotations that black armbands may have but I wonder if wearing a simple Canadian lapel pin upside down or otherwise displaying the maple leaf symbol in 'distress' mode would suffice. Is this disrespect to our country? I don’t know, what I do know that far too many of those who purport to represent us both federally and provincially show much disrespect to both the electorate and to our democratic rules and traditions. It must stop, it must gain more public attention, our very democracy is Under Fire by the very people that are entrusted with its care.

So if you see an upside down Maple Leaf logo on this or any other site do not assume it is disdain for our country but more disdain for those who are running it!

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