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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rally to Protect our Democracy & Environment.

Readers of Democracy Under Fire are reminded that citizens across the country are gathering at Conservative MP offices this Saturday to show their opposition to the Omnibus Budget Bill which guts many environmental protections and includes many other measures that should be considered and debated separately. That the hundreds of changes to these regulations are contained in a bill that is declared a 'confidence' bill and thus all but forcing Conservative MPs to vote for it despite the wishes of their constituents is all the more reason to pressure said MPs to stand up and voice their opposition to such undemocratic legislation.  

Lead Now has organized gatherings all across Canada to encourage these MPs  to grow some backbone and do what is best for Canada and the Environment NOT Harper and his multinational friends.

Since the Harper Conservatives announced their Omnibus Budget, more and more Canadians are rallying against a bill that would put a black mark on our democracy. Now, we’re writing to invite you to join a national day of action at Conservative MP offices, and supporting locations across Canada, this Saturday, June 2nd.

Even some traditional Conservative allies are now saying that the Harper Conservatives have gone too far. Last week, David Wilks, a Conservative MP, told a small group of his constituents that he, and many other Conservative MPs, were deeply troubled by the Budget Bill and that he would consider voting against it if 12 of his colleagues, enough to stop the bill, stood with him.[1]

It’s time to stand up. This Saturday, we’ll gather at Conservative MP offices and support locations across the country to bring Canadians together in opposition to a Bill that contains a sweeping agenda to remake Canadian society. And, we’ll shine a spotlight on the Conservative MPs who can stop the bill, split it apart and start over by inviting Canadians to help them make better laws.

Join Canadians at confirmed locations across the country, or sign up to host an action in your area.

Click here to search for an event near you.
...or view the events taking place across the country at http://blackmark.leadnow.ca

An overview by Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader, of some of the regulations effected by this bill  can be found here and on the GPC website..

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