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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day ......Eh!

I truly hope that each and every one of my readers has something to celebrate on this day when we look inwards at the good things that Canada has to offer. Please remember that our freedoms, our environment, our access to information, our social services, our parliamentary systems and indeed our very democracy itself are all very fragile and need constant support. Those that have been systematically dismantling these systems will no doubt take the opportunity to make stirring speeches telling us how good we have it and how only they are capable of taking the country forward, and how any one who doubts that is less than patriotic. In short they will stand on various podiums across the country and lie to us, do not listen to them.

So enjoy Canada Day with family and friends, ignore all those politicians for today, but vow to fight those who would make our country 'unrecognizable' by the time they are done with it.
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