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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Election Fraud Case Further Delayed.

In the ongoing court case brought by Council of Canadians challenging the legitimacy of seven particular ridings election results, RMG the company that worked for the Conservatives is now claiming 'we did not do it' despite compelling information to the contrary. The Conservatives them selves are of course making concerted attempts to have the case thrown out before it comes before the courts, invoking every legal loophole they can find. Thus far they have not succeeded the court having ruled that “the applications raise serious issues about the integrity of the democratic process in Canada and identify practices that, if proven, point to a campaign of activities that would seek to deny eligible voters their right to vote and/or manipulate or interfere with that right being exercised freely.”

Steven Shrybman, lawyer for the Council of Canadians, makes this point:
“Even though Langhorne describes the critical role the Conservative Party of Canada plays in creating the scripts that were read to voters and deciding who’s going to be called, there’s no one that’s come forward from the Conservative Party of Canada to explain what they were doing or not doing in relation to contacting non-supporters, which is the key issue at the centre of this case.”
At this point it is important to realize that this action was NOT invoked by Elections Canada who have in fact NOT, at this point, taken any action regarding the many allegations of election fraud, election funding fiddles and other very troubling actions by the Harper Regime that appear to have been aimed at stealing the election. It may be that Elections Canada is carefully collecting evidence in order to prove wrongdoing but as with this court case thing seem to be moving exceedingly slow. As Saskboy says in his latest update :-

“When will this super-important case be decided? Well, not until this Winter, at a yet to be determined date. WTF? Our country’s democracy is up in the air, and the courts are going to wait for four season changes since the story broke into the mainstream last February, before they hear part of the case? That’s so frucking ridiculous; as if they could possibly have something more urgent than the legitimacy of our federal government!”

Much of this delay is of course due to all the filings by the Cons who's main objective is NOT to get to the truth (which in all probability would NOT prove their innocence) but to delay and obscure as much as possible, no doubt to reach the point where the courts will say yes there was cheating but its too late to void the election results. Be assured that it will be either settled or dismissed long before the next election so that the public can be conned into forgetting about it when next at the polls. This writer for one will NOT be forgetting any of the Harper Regimes various lies, cheating and disdain of our democratic processes. In that regard see the ongoing (incomplete) lists of malfeasance by this lot in the pages linked at the top of this page.

In a related post Montreal Simon reports that “Elections Canada investigators tracking “Pierre Poutine” hit a dead end when the Internet address behind misleading robocalls in the last election led them to an open Wi-Fi connection in a private residence near Guelph.” Irregardless it had to be someone with access to the database and RGM so SOMEONE knows who it was!

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