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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Fair Elections Act

The Conservative government will introduce changes to the Elections Act this week that caucus members expect to restructure the office in charge of investigating violations. “It’s the Fair Elections Act,” Poilievre said.
Given the Conservatives penchant for naming bills in an Orwellian fashion we had best keep an eye on this one. I suspect it will be more of a “Government Control of Election Investigations Act”.

It has been reported that “The bill would remove the Commissioner of Canada Elections, where the investigators work, from Elections Canada and set it up as separate office” Which of course is just about the opposite of what is needed given that Elections Canada has been hamstrung in its investigation of the Harper Regiem's actions during the last election by stonewalling and funding cuts.
I note that it is also reported that “The minister has invited the chief electoral officer to contact his officials for a briefing and we are in the midst of making the arrangements,” Enright said in an email. “The CEO has not been consulted on the bill.”

The Chief Electoral NOT consulted on legislation that substantially affects his department and removes investigating powers from Elections Canada. Looks like another Con Job to me!

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