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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Careful what you vote for....

As with all of the Conservative Regimes legislation one must CAREFULLY read each word......

.......this House continues to support the Government?s decision to contribute Canadian military assets to the fight against lSlL, and terrorists aligned with lSlL, including air strike capability with authorisation to conduct airstrikes in lraq and Syria;
supports the Government's decision to extend the mission to a date not beyond March
30, 2016;
notes that the Government continues not to deploy troops in a ground combat role;
and offers its resolute and wholehearted support to the brave men and women of the
Canadian Armed Forces who stand on guard for all of us.

NOTE: Does NOT say they will not deploy ground troops in the future, just 'notes' that they are not right now!

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Owen Gray said...

The words mean what they say he means, Rural.

Rural said...

But in this case the press is already reporting that he says that there will be no ground troops deployed, which is not what the motion says......
I will be interested to see if the opposition picks up on this imprecise wording, Owen