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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Harpoon for Youth

We all know that getting our younger voters out is even more important this time than ever before and that it is hard to get many of them engaged in the cluster fk we laughingly call democracy. Who can blame them, even those of us who are 'engaged' are getting more and more disgusted with the shenanigans our 'government' thinks is acceptable, with more and more revelations coming daily. There is however a somewhat tongue in cheek site that provides information necessary to make an informed decision that may make it easier for 'the younger crowd' to absorb some of the necessary facts.

Harpoon2015 is “an eclectic bunch of comedy lovers, heartwarmingly united by disgust for our exceptionally bad overlord.” They say that “Our members include twentysomethings with hangovers, embittered cartoonists, nicely-dressed business people, Order of Canada recipients, one disgruntled ad exec, a lawyer, an environmentalist, a craft brewer, and a Good Wife addict — none of whom have anything in common, except wanting to get more people fired up about Canadian politics…and Harper pied in the face.
This part we’re serious about. Harpoon is a strictly non-partisan campaign. We are not, and will never be, affiliated with or financially supported by any political party. People from any political party or background are welcome to participate and share. While we don’t pretend to like Harper, we’re passionate advocates for civic engagement, and we encourage every Canadian — especially young ones — to hit the ballot box and vote for whoever they want. Even if he does have the most terrifying hairpiece* of all time.
*We are internally divided on whether his hair is, in fact, a hairpiece.”

Their site divides the information into a number of topics such as Democracy, Secrecy, Science etc etc, with short and to the point facts about the Harper Regimes actions within those topics. I highly recommend it and encourage readers to share the links, particularly with their sons, daughters and younger friends. Lets have everybody not only vote, but vote knowledgeably.

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Owen Gray said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Rural. The site is well worth a visit.

Rural said...

A little visual humor makes the info a lot easier to take in, Owen

Lorne said...

A great site, Rural. Let's ope humour succeeds where earnestness has failed.

Rural said...

Let us hope it gets a few more folks motivated Lorne