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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Another Ford Short Circuit.

Ontario's government has launched an online portal for parents to report teachers who they believe aren't following the current curriculum. Teachers who use the previous Liberal government's sex education curriculum from 2015 will be investigated by the Ontario College of Teachers, Premier Doug Ford's office said Wednesday.

"We will not tolerate anybody using our children as pawns for grandstanding and political games," the premier said in a press release. …..Seems to me that is exactly what Mr Fraud is doing with his ideological and dictatorial undocumented changes to the Ontario School curriculum.

Whilst the curriculum brought in by the previous (Liberal) government was not universally applauded in that a few narrow minded right wing parents objected to the kids being taught about the realities of modern sex education, the process to bring in said new curriculum was long and included much 'consultation' before being implemented. It was NOT changed by fiat over a few days before the teachers even had a chance to view the changes proposed nor were the teachers threatened with 'investigation' by the college of teachers for not strictly adhering to said narrow conservative view of the modern world.

That this follows the recent unprecedented and hurried change to the upcoming Toronto council election also brought in with no 'consultation' says much about the way this new Fraud Regime intends to proceed in the next 4 years. It is in my view an affront to democratic process, just because it CAN be done without input from those effected does not mean it should be done in that manner!

In some situations a short circuit can cause part of the unit involved to overheat and be destroyed resulting in the failure of the entire system with far reaching effects. Fraud has not blown it up yet but the heat sure seems to be building, keep your heavy gloves handy folks.......

Short Circuit - verb
If someone or something short-circuits a process or system, they avoid long or difficult parts of it and use a quicker, more direct method to achieve their aim.
(transitive) to bypass (a procedure, regulation, etc)

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Lorne said...

I think to this gang and their acolytes. Rural, democracy is an impediment. They seem to feel that having been elected, they can now ignore custom, practice and consultation (except with right-wing fanatics like the evangelicals) so they can do what they KNOW is THE TRUTH.

Owen Gray said...

Mr. Ford doesn't have a democratic bone in his body, Rural. But he knows what he wants -- and he intends to get it.

Rural said...

I agree guys, the word democracy means nothing to this lot!

Sorry for the slow posting and lack of response to your comments of late, blogger has been changing the defaults and comment notification was / is disabled?