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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Majority not enough for Ford.

The PCs are moving to change the legislature's rules of procedure, formally called the standing orders. These rules control such things as when bills can be introduced, when opposition parties get to put forward motions, and how much debate must take place before a bill goes to a final vote.
The rules already allow the government to cut short debate on bills and push them through to a final vote without giving the public the chance to speak at committee hearings. The PCs have used this power with most of the legislation they have proposed so far.
The proposed changes make it easier for the government to do this more quickly.

Then there is this …....

Ford said he plans to hold local governments’ feet to the fire to make sure they get projects like transit and infrastructure construction done. “We’re going to actually hold people accountable,” he said, without specifying how exactly he plans to do so.
“We’re going to hold governments accountable in over 460 towns in this province to make sure they maximize their budgets in the best way they can to respect the taxpayers.”
Apparently the municipalities must be 'accountable' to Doug Fraud as he and his newly elected minions (the majority of whom have never served in government) but he is only accountable to the electorate once every 4 years according to his calculations.

Remember that........
Nearly 60 per cent of the MPPs who took their seats at Queen's Park once the legislature resumes are newly-elected. Of the 124 ridings in Ontario, 73 were won by people who have never been an MPP that being mostly newly elected PCs.

Talk about the the rabid guide dog leading the blind masses!

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