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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Democracy Delayed

 I regret that for the foreseeable future I will not be writing any commentary upon the state of our democracy on these pages due to personal family challenges that must be given a higher priority. This does not mean that I no longer have an ongoing and deep concern for the state of our democracy here in Canada and particularly more recently here in my home province of Ontario, the right wing mindset across much of our country seem determined to undermine and destroy many of our hard won democratic checks and balances. As with the gains we have made in that regard over the years, the largest of which in my humble opinion was ridding ourselves of of king Harper, the changes are generally so slow as to not raise any great debate, perhaps not so slow in recent months as King Frord polishes his sword.

I am no great scholar and will not attempt to point out the dangers that authoritative individuals in power can bring or lecture upon how few folks actual take the time to see what is happening behind various legislature closed doors but simply say this.... stay alert or you may be living in a country you do not recognize.

If you, the reader, feel strongly about protecting our democracy and have something to say but no place to say it I offer these pages as a place express your opinion. Whilst we are not read perhaps as much as some other bloggers who post more often, my years associated with Progressive Bloggers and their well read feeds do give some daylight to words placed here so feel free to submit you words for publication to cover for my absence.

Submit your articles directly to me at democracyunderfire@gmail.com generally there is no change in my conditions for publication as laid out in the front page link to Submitting Article . Responses from us may be a little delayed in actual publication please have patience but by all means participate in our struggle to protect our democracy.

Thanks for your support and reading over the last 10 years DMR (rural)
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Lorne said...

Best of wishes, rural, as you deal with family matters. Those, of course, must be your priority.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Rural. Sorry to hear of your family issues but such things always have to be our priority. I hope you get them resolved quickly and fully. Best wishes.


Owen Gray said...

I hope the challenges you face can be dealt with swiftly and graciously, Rural.

Rural said...

Thanks for your thoughts Guys....