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Sunday, March 8, 2020

An Undemocratic Democracy?

Pollister Nick Nanos opines in the G&M that perhaps Canada is a 'joyless democracy' and points to the fundamental disconnect between the economic numbers hurled at Canadians and the anxiety we feel about the future. He continues by wondering if there is a fundamental disconnect between democratic sentiment and parliamentary outcome in regard to the results of our last election which returned a minority parliament.

He goes on to suggest that this is perhaps because the outcome of the popular vote is not reflected by the various party standings in the HoC, this is hardly a new opinion for the efforts to change our electoral system early last term fell by the wayside when the various political partys could not agree on a new system. I would suggest that this was in part, if not mainly, because the various political partys and many of their supporters are scared of MINORITY Parliaments where to get ANYTHING done they would have to find consensus, seek compromise, be open to opposing ideas, something not seen much of generally in the political arena. Perhaps our 'representatives' are more cooperative behind closed doors but on the floor of the House and in public gatherings and social media they are far too busy slamming the other guy to say much productive. It is this that makes for that joyless opinion that so many of us are coming to have of our democracy.

We are a LONG way from having any kind of truly representative parliament here for not only is it, as we have seen, difficult to select an acceptable system from the many proposals and their various specific details but I suspect that even if such a system was brought in tomorrow how would our confrontational MPs react in what would almost certainly be a series of minority coalition parliaments. It CAN work as seen in New Zealand where they are on just their fourth coalition since 1996 and where their native population are part and parcel of that government. I see the desire for such a system building here in Canada but are we ready to embrace and support such a radical change just yet?

Finally a word about the dangers of social media.
As a senior citizen who has personally resisted the thrall of 'social media' I am hardly qualified to comment about its effect upon our democracy but will ask this: is the speed with which information both accurate and inaccurate can be spread part of the problem? How many of us take the time to determine the accuracy of what is being fed to us from the various modern media before having a knee jerk reaction and quickly head for our keyboard (or thumbboard) to add to the confusion. Think before you poke folks, once its out there its out there for keeps in this day and age!

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