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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Some Perspective....

The current average world wide population increase is estimated at 81 million people per year, without COVID-19, we would expect 60 million global deaths in 2020, with a third or more dying from heart and stroke problems. Estimates of total deaths to be expected from Covid19 vary widely from country to country and are dependent upon the actions the government and people of that place take to minimize the effects, but if we assume 50% of the population get it and 2% of those succumb to the disease then the number of deaths would just about equal the current annual increase in world population. Is the world trying to tell us something? Some researchers estimate that the reduction of deaths due to the reduction air pollution brought about by reduced industrial and other human activities could offset some of the numbers of deaths, particularly in some of the more heavily polluted areas of the world.

In no way do I wish to minimize the danger covid19 presents or detract from the measures being taken to minimize the spread of it, as a senior citizen myself I am at increased risk should I catch it and whilst I may not agree with ALL of the actions taken by the various governments I recognize that difficult decisions must be made to minimize the impact of it. This short article is then just food for thought.

See this Brooking Institute's publication for further perspective on this.

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Owen Gray said...

I have no doubt that Nature is sending us a message, Rural. But I'm not sure we're listening.

Rural said...

By the time this is over I would hope that the message has been received Owen

Lorne said...

From our perspective, this is a world-wide tragedy, Rural. I suspect Mother Nature sees it differently.

Rural said...

A man man made tragedy or what we deserve perhaps Lorne?