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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hiding History

“The good is oft interred with their bones.”

So, let it be with Sir John A. Macdonald. How often must we decry the stupidity, the ignorance of those who want to destroy the records, the mementos, the reminders of the heroes of our past? Why can we not just recognize their accomplishments? Is there no forgiveness for the errors of their times?
So writes Peter over at babelonthebay and I must agree with him for if we destroy the reminders of the past, both good and bad, how are we to avoid the same mistakes in the future or improve upon the way we do thing in the future.

Can anyone say that the statues and monuments we erect today will not remind our ancestors of all the mistakes those now in a position of power and influence have and will make in these troubled times. History is important for it does let us look back at the good and bad so that we may learn from both that which improved society and decisions that we do not want to revisit.

A better response for those who are 'offended' by a monument to an influential figure from the past than hiding or destroying the object would perhaps be to update or add a plaque outlining the facts of the figures life, both good AND not so good. Hindsight is easy, who here can say that their life is perfect and every decision will be glorified long after they are no longer with us.

To the south of us the rabid right are showing how little they have learned from their own history.

Display our history, all of it, that we may learn from our mistakes.

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Owen Gray said...

When we choose to forget, Rural, we widen the path to hell.

Rural said...

...and there appears to be a number of folks well on their way Owen!