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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Food for thought...


World wide population approaching 8 billion

Total births this year 100 million plus

Total world wide deaths this year aprox 40 million

Increase in population this year aprox 60 million

Aprox number of identified Covid cases world wide to date 30 million

Total deaths attributed to Covid aprox 1 million

Source https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

 In no way am I suggesting that readers should take the spread of this infection lightly or ignore the precautions recommended by the various health authorities. But perhaps we should be more concerned by the ever expanding unsupportable world wide population increase and our ability to support (and feed) that population though?

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Owen Gray said...

As the Mound of Sound has pointed out, Rural, we are heading to a reckoning.

The Disaffected Lib said...

Rural, I did a post today about Thomas Homer-Dixon's warning that our governments are incapable of dealing not only with global issues but also local issues.

"...the actions of vested interests create a broad bias in societies toward stasis, tending to strengthen already entrenched structures of social power and reinforce already dominant sets of worldviews, institutions and technologies (WITs). These groups generally use every tool available - legal and, sometimes, illegal - to defend the benefits they derive from the existing ways of doing things. They exploit people's fears and ...torque governments into maintaining streams of subsidies and regulatory advantages. Too often, when it benefits them, they promote lies.."

"The actions of vested interests degrade the quality of governments' solutions to problems and make anything but incremental change almost impossible."

In other words, absent sweeping political change, we're screwed. I could easily spend an hour putting together a list of pressing issues that are not on governments' radar and are not even up for discussion. Our governments have feet of clay, an outcome of their own choosing.

The second post I did today is about a Guardian piece on primary-order tipping points coming into play and how our governments' rejection of the 'precautionary principle', declared the substantive law of Canada by both the Federal Court and the Supreme Court of Canada is nonetheless routinely ignored when it gets in their way.

Government is corrupt, Rural. They're not coming to the rescue on population. They're not even taking care of our youngest and next generations. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. Maybe they realize there's nothing they can do to avert this global train wreck.

Rural said...

You publish multiple posts most days Mound and most of them do bring our attention to some pressing issues however your statement in this reply saying 'Government is corrupt' without any qualifiers is going too far and not helpful. Certainly our governments of all stripes have biases and some may well operate on the outskirts of democracy but unless you know of a better system we must simply try and work within what we have to improve the quality of those we elect to represent us in Parliament. What riding are you running in?