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Sunday, February 13, 2022

An Assault on Democracy

“This is the thing about democracy that the convoy organizers, in all their innocence, do not understand: that rights come with responsibilities, and freedom comes with duties. This vaccine mandate is no different than other areas of compelled action – wearing seatbelts, getting the measles shot, showing ID before purchasing alcohol, paying your taxes.”

The above quote is from an opinion article in the Globe & Mail by Omer Aziz In which he loosely links much of the protesters to racist opinions, I am not sure that I totally agree with him on that but it is certainly no longer about vaccination status and trucking. It is indeed now an assault on democracy, not only has it already severely damaged our standing with other nations and our already fragile economy but it has now given a platform to those who would topple our government. And less you believe different political leaders, be them any of the provincial selection or the national ones you have but to ask how they would deal with these insurrectionists in any practical and effective manner. Azis goes on to say......

“They came in droves from all over the country, packed into cars and pickup trucks, cheered on by supporters along the way. They saw their freedoms under attack and converged on the nation’s capital in an attempt to force the resignation of a democratically elected government, using intimidation and threats to showcase their power. Desiring greater liberty, some displayed Confederate flags and Nazi swastikas, defiled national monuments, desecrated the memory of war heroes, and demanded that federal leaders be overthrown.

What I am describing happened in the United States on Jan. 6, 2021, and is still going on in Canada. The truckers’ movement is no longer a demonstration for freedom or vaccine mandates, but a well-funded assault on democracy. As one organizer put it, their mission was to “compel the government to dissolve government.” We must be clear about what took place in Canada last weekend: an attempt to alter government policy by force – while masquerading as a rally for freedom. More dangerously, it was a movement insidiously co-opted by white nationalists and their far-right allies.”

It is indeed an assault upon our very democracy and has little to do with whether a minority of truckers are permitted to cross into the USA without being protected from covid, those that would hold the country and government hostage and ignore the rule of law have no idea where this may lead. Or perhaps the disruption and chaos and a lawless society is exactly what they want …... be careful what you wish for supporters of this blockade....


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Lorne said...

It is becoming increasingly apparent that this is a well-funded movement with both internal and external sources of support, Rural. And if their larger objective is to undermine trust in government and other institutions, I would say they are being aided and abetted by impotent police displays and even assistance, as I have from other sources on Twitter. Here is but one example: https://twitter.com/CAMSOttawa/status/1492703344305098754

lungta said...

SOMEHOW really nasty forces seem to hijack any good hearted effort .
or is it nasty forces know how to dress in "good"
I got on OTTAWALKS on youtube
watched about 3 hours
most plates on the trucks were obscured
of the people i saw only 2 were colored
I have posted on 10 sites
What do you want to do to get the "freedom" you want?
.....crickets .....FREEDUM!!!.... crickets

Rural said...

Whilst I agree with you that this is a well funded insurrection Lorne, funded in large part from outside sources I find it more difficult to criticize the police response. Given the restraints that they operate under and the limited local resources available initially I am not sure what they could do against such determined 'protesters'. I note that I do not subscribe to Twitter and have little faith in anything I have read on that platform!

Rural said...

Not sure exactly what your point is Lungta but there are most certainly a lot of 'nasty forces' involved!