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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ontario Election = Identification & Vouching

With all the publicity around the Federal 'Fair' Elections Act and the issue of vouching it is important to know that for the Ontario Provincial Election VOUCHING IS NOT PERMITTED. You must have proper identification in order to vote, if you are not on the voters list, do not receive a registration card indicating the poll location or do not have identification with your name and municipal address on it you may have a problem.

If you DO have the registration card you just need the card that was mailed to you with your name and address on it and one piece of identification with your name on it which must match the name on the voters list. It is unclear if the address information must exactly match if your ID has an address on it however the address information is not required to be on the ID if you have your card, just your name matching the list. If you are on the list but dont have your registration card you may be asked to compete and sign a statutory declaration before voting.

If you DO NOT get a registration card or the information on it is incorrect then you must have the voters list corrected or updated before you can vote (which can be done your poll location on the day or at your returning office any time). You will then need one piece of identification with your correct name and address and will be required to sign a form swearing as to you identity and address.
IMPORTANT – Your ID must have a street address or FIRE NUMBER on it, rural residents with ID that shows lot & concession, post office box# or RR# should be aware that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE when swearing as to residence! On Election day if you are not on the list you must also be at the correct poll location for your address in order to be put on the list OR have previously visited a returning office or satellite office location and been put on the list. (You can vote anytime at said satellite revisions offices once you are put on the list so there is no need for a second outing!)

The Notice of Registration card (NRC) may NOT be used as proof of name; the NRC may be used as proof of residence ONLY. An elector must show a second piece of identification to prove name. For more on acceptable identification go here . All of the above remains unchanged from the last Provincial Election.

Advanced polls are open from May 31st to June 6th from 10am till 8pm but it has been reported that NOT ALL LOCATIONS WILL BE OPEN ALL OF THOSE DAYS check if yours is open before you go!

Elections Ontario has a comprehensive web site with all the information you need here.

Voting day is June 12th and polls are open from 9am to 9pm. Please VOTE!

Disclaimer – The information above was taken directly from Elections Ontario sources and is believed to be correct but is given here as a guide and is not official. Any questions regarding identification required, or how and where to vote should be directed to your local returning office.

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