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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Its Silly Season in Ontario

With advanced polls opening for the Ontario Election today its definitely silly season in Ontario, we are inundated with totally meaningless TV ads from 3 of the Partys telling us how bad the other guys are and failing to give us any real idea of what their plan is. There is Andrea of the NDP who forced the election by turning down the most NDP friendly budget proposed in years, there is Kathleen of the Liberals who continues to wear the cynical decision of the previous premier to move a power pant to gain votes, then there is little Timmy of the Conservatives who’s kinder-garden math says that minus100,000 plus 0 equals 1,000,000, and finally there is Mike of the Greens who according to the MSM does not exist!

With the pundits saying that the interest in this unneeded and unwanted election is such that the turn out is expected to fall from the already record low from the last election its anybody’s guess as to how it will turn out except to say that it almost certainly another minority government (not necessarily a bad thing). Whist we know the Greens will not form government I wonder if all the negative BS seen on TV will make more folks than normal vote Green either in protest or due to the ever increasing realization that environmental issues are increasingly important. Could they get 2 or 3 seats and hold the balance of power I wonder. With all the hype from the leaders ably helped out by the MSM we tend to forget that we are electing our LOCAL representative and NOT the Party he or she supports, and in Ontario a few of them may actually put their constituents ahead of their party as its not quite so lemming like in that legislature as in the federal follow the leader brainless legislative voting.

Its been a depressing time watching the decline of democracy under our federal oligarchy but its not looking that much better with our provincial governments, from what I have read several of our provinces are seeing much the same pressures brought on by a lack of pubic confidence in the politicians who serve us (or more precisely serve themselves and their party most of the time). This election here in Ontario does little to increase my optimism in seeing democracy revived, true we get a chance to vote but how many will bother given the acrimonious behaviour of those who will be expected to (but probably will not) work together to govern our Province. When Elections become a choice of the least objectionable instead of a positive choice of the best its hard to say that democracy is alive and well in Canada. I will be voting, but more as a matter of principal than as a means of actually effecting a positive outcome, the crap that I see daily on TV issued from these 'leaders' and their party apparatus does nothing to encourage me to vote for them.

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Owen Gray said...

None one appears to be very excited, Rural. That's not a good sign.

Rural said...

Indeed Owen, the only ones that wanted this election was the opposition to the dismay of those of us who have to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Voting just encourages them.

Rural said...

Annon, if you really cant make a choice and wish to send a message then vote - but spoil your ballot, its about the only way to actually voice your displeasure. Such votes do get counted, either that or vote for the Greens who could well bring a fresh perspective to Queens Park given a chance.