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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Peacekeepers ignored by Harper.

Today our Canadian military members and veterans as well as police officers come together in ceremonies across the country to honour and remember all Canadian peacekeepers who have served or are currently serving in support of peace operations around the world. Among those who will NOT be there are PM Stephen Harper, Veterans Minister Julian Fantino, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and National Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, Veterans Affairs have condescended to send a parliamentary secretary provided that the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping write his speech!

It remains to be seen if the regimes censors will remove the section of the prepared speech that promises a change to the monument.
The three military figures on the monument behind me recognize …  the variety of military missions in which our country has participated,” the speech prepared for parliamentary secretary Gill reads. “But there is something missing — a police officer. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the government of Canada is resolved to correct that deficiency by adding a fourth figure.”

As Wayne Mac Culloch, national president for the above organization said after inviting the 3 ministers back in Febuary.
The first one to say no was National Defence, followed not long after by Public Safety. I had to prod Veterans Affairs to give me an answer, which I only got two weeks ago. And at that point, they said, ‘No, it’s going to be the parliamentary secretary. And you write his remarks.’”
Surveys show Canadians are very proud of Canada’s once-strong reputation for being at the forefront of international peacekeeping efforts,” he said in an interview. “The fact that this government would ignore the efforts of the UN peacekeepers’ association is a shame.”

Indeed given their efforts to beat the drum at every opportunity regarding war and conflict both past and present one would think that the Harper Regime would be quick to put themselves in front of this gathering and highlight the regard in which Canada is held for its peacekeeping efforts across the world since 1948, when the first Canadian peacekeepers went to the Middle East, 150,000 Canadians have followed suit and over 100 lost their lives during such missions. Today Canada is way down on the list of contributors to international peacekeeping efforts, with fewer than 120 people participating in missions around the world.

That Harper and his minions ignore such an opportunity to thank this relatively small but respected group says much about his regard for the UN, peacekeeping, and international efforts to prevent conflict rather than encourage it. His recent rhetoric re current conflicts rings hollow and adds little to efforts to reduce the carnage that religious and ethnic extremists across the world are creating.
In my view what these UN peacekeepers do is far more difficult and dangerous than those who would make war and we should all thank them for their efforts to make the world a safer place and our 'government' should be at the head of the line in that regard, a routine press release hardly counts!

Thanks guys we are all proud of you.

PS. Here are a few other ceremony’s that Harper will not be attending anytime soon. The opening of the promised Artie Deepwater Port, the arrival of the first Sea King replacement helicopter for our SAR folks, delivery of a new reliable twin engined military jet and................ if we all get our wish, the swearing in of a new government in 2015!

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Owen Gray said...

The snubbing of peacekeepers defines the man, Rural. I wonder if he's looked up the definition of "warmonger."

Rural said...

He is certainly known better for his rhetoric than for his diplomacy Owen.