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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The War of Words

I am tired of beating my head against the wall repeating things I have been saying here in this blog for over 5 years, this week I am going to simply point you towards a few other folk who are also aware of the dangers of believing everything we are told by the truth spinning oligarchs that have the nerve to call themselves a democratic government. They are not, they are a regime whose sole stated purpose is to bring our government bureaucracy and election process to the point where they and only they can hold the reins of power for the foreseeable future, they are not in the slightest way interested in preserving the systems that define our parliamentary way of governance. You will not recognize Canadian Democracy when they are done with it.

One of the danger of following the destruction of so many things we have hitherto taken for granted, the freedom of government researchers to publish their findings, the assumption that government will protect our land, air & water from industrial pollution, that proposed changes in our laws will be fully and openly debated in our legislatures, that our election process will be fair and unsullied by fraud, and so on is that we blame the leader as if he and he alone is responsible. Whist we have most certainly moved much closer to that situation in recent years it cannot be emphasized enough that without the support of the conservative caucus, and more particularly the inner circle of 'ministers' none of these alarming actions could have come about. Even those in the conservative party who have little say in decision making but sit on the back benches cannot be let off the hook for if you ignore wrong doing and simply spout the party line and vote as directed by the party oligarchs then you are no less guilty than the leader who speaks for them. In short let us not put all our efforts in defeating “Harper” but in putting ALL of the Harper Regime on trial for their contempt for Canadian values, our Parliamentary Democracy, our freedom of speech and indeed contempt for all but their brainwashed disciples.
Let us not get too confident when pollsters say that their grasp on the electorate is slipping, for polls are a very inexact science at best, can be manipulated, and we have a long way to go yet to the next Election.
Remember the Harper Regime will do ANYTHING to win and playing within the rules is simply not in their playbook!

So I lied and had a good rant before recommending these well informed and eloquent bloggers who so often say it all so much better than this concerned but unprofessional scribbler.

Northern Reflections
Owen Grey brings us extracts from topical articles on a daily basis and puts thing in perspective from northern Ontario. You will always get a reply to your polite comments.

John Kleins blog has been the go to place for information on robocon details and several other similar issues. Check out his tag cloud for archival posts.

The Disaffected Lib
The Mound of Sound comments upon a wide variety of subjects from environmental issues to world affairs several time daily.

Politics & its Discontents
Lorne regularly gives us “Reflections, Observations, and Analyses Pertaining to the Canadian Political Scene” in particular that of the Harper regime.

These and many others who may be found at Progressive bloggers and elsewhere are aware that democracy requires more than selecting your choice of a person to represent us in the various legislatures but that it takes a daily fight to make sure that we can do so from a position of knowledge, accurate information, the truth about those who are want to form government. That we fight with words rather than fists or more direct means does not make it any less of a war, that the other side is firing bullshit does little to limit the damage for their volume of such ammunition is unlimited and they have no compunction on using it, or using our tax dollars to spread it.
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Lorne said...

Thanks for your very kind endorsement of my blog, Rural. I couldn't agree more with your comments about the Harper cabal and how absolutely essential it is for all of us to be as informed about politics as possible. I hope we live to see the day when the majority of people realize that politics is not an arcane pursuit but rather a major determinant of the quality of life we all experience.

Rural said...

Your welcome Lorne, I find myself so frustrated at times with the lack of awareness of where the 'cabal' is taking us that I become lost for words and so the endorsement of others of the same opinion.

Owen Gray said...

You're not alone in your frustration, Rural.

Rural said...

I just hope that the general frustration turns into action at the ballot box Owen

Unknown said...

How many times do we have to see a country lose it's freedom and democracy because it's political leader wants power and those of the ruling party are committed to almost total obedience to share in that power.History is littered with examples. Harpers pursuit of power and his parties support of that pursuit is being done right before Canadians eyes. They carry out this pursuit in a very clumsy,backward way so it should be easy for Canadians to spot what their dictatorial agenda is. But are Canadians aware of this agenda? The most important thing in life is freedom. Rural and the bloggers you mentioned hold it as one of yours and their highest value. The threat to Canada's freedom comes from the very people who have been elected to uphold it. Will we usurp this government for the sake of Canadian freedom. We apparently fought in World War 1 and 11 so we and the world would be free. Canadians now need to be vigilant about their present authoritarian gov. Is being free going to be a part of who we are and what we value. Or are we going to let a hick like Harper and his amateur minions dictate what Canada's future will be. Sorry for going on so long, but sometimes I really worry for my country and your excellent article hit a nerve.

Rural said...

As you say Pamela there is nothing new about power hungry dictators ignoring democratic values in their thirst for total control, that so many Canadians cannot see that such is exactly where the Harper regime is taking us is very troubling.