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Friday, October 16, 2015

October 20th, 2015: Harper Leaves

A guest post by Pamela Mac Neil
A conversation between stephen Harper and Jason Kenney is overheard the day after they lose the election.

Kenney-"Well we lost the election, Steve.

Harper- "No shit Sherlock"

Kenney- "Look we can, regroup and come back in the next election, stronger then ever."

Harper- "I was so close. I was ready to act on all of the groundwork I had laid, but the left wing media and those toronto intellectual elites couldn't handle having a down to earth guy like me as PM."

Kenney-" I know, I know"

Harper- " Trudeau, they voted in Trudeau!!"

Kenney- "I know, I know"

Harper- "And that damn Muslim Nenshi, could't keep his mouth shut, that cost us votes in Calgary"

Kenney- "I know, I know"

Harper- "Will you stop bloody well saying that, it's getting on my nerves, besides, you'll be fine. You're running for the leadership right? Got your future all neatly mapped out. Doesn't matter what happens to me"

Kenney- "I'll be carrying on your legacy"

Harper-" Look Jason, it's my legacy! The only one who could have continued it was me. Got that?"

Kenney- "But it's a legacy we all agreed to"

Harper- "Only with me as the Leader. I didn't do all of those changes to the bloody liberal, Pierre Trudeau Brand, so someone else can take credit for it"

Harper- Repeats- "Oh God! They voted in Trudeau, Trudeau!"

Kenney - "Maybe they liked his charisma"

Harper- "Are you saying they didn't like my substantial presence?"

Kenney- "No, it's just"

Harper- "It's just what?"

Kenney- "Well, the average Canadian is not equipped to see the difference"

Harper- "You got that right"

Harper- "The average Canadian knows squat. Why do ya think I kept my distance from them, didn't want to even talk to them. Always wanting me to explain what I'm doing, like 6 year olds wanting teacher to tell them what the world is all about. My base? Well they understood, they trusted me. They accepted everything I told them."

Kenney- "You'll probably get alot of offers in the next few weeks My mom says your phone will be ringing off the hook."

Harper- "None of them will come close to being PM. I mean look at the perks. Look at my entourage. People at my beck and call for anything I needed. Being the only one in charge. People doing what ever I've told them to. That's strong leadership. You know what George W. said to me when we were reading the bible together. He said Steve, never forget because you are one of God's chosen leaders, you take what ever you need to get God's work done and don't forget them infidels. We owe it to our people to rid the world of them. No one understands that better then you as PM of Canada and me as President of these here United States"

Kenney- "Did Bibi call?"

Harper- "No, he's in Moscow right now talking to Putin, probably making sure if Russia ends up being in charge and not the US. they'll be willing to negotiate with Israel. He also asked me not to criticize Russia about helping Assad at least until he says it's okay. Doesn't matter now."

Harper- "Lynton flew home to Australia last night. After the election results were in, he couldn't get out of here fast enough. Cameron hasn't called either, he was the one who recommended Lynton to me."

Kenney-"I thought for sure the wearing of the Niqab issue would help you win another majority. Mom described you as a valiant crusader for Canadian values."

Harper- "So did I. Probably those bloody Muslims worked behind the scenes and got the courts to support them and that bloody Muslim Siddiqui wrote an article calling me a racist and a despot and the the next day wrote another article, telling people to vote for Trudeau. I thought Siddiqui retired. There should be a law, that after journalists retire there no longer allowed to write any more columns. If I would have won I would have made a law doing just that."

Kenney-" Yeah you could have included it in one of your omnibus bills."

Harper- Puts face in his open hands "Oh God Jason I was so close. With the RCMP and bill C-51 I could have controlled the whole country. No one would have dared protest. I would have been free to complete my Neoliberal agenda and would have solidified and expanded my power. I could have been Prime Minister for life! Did ya hear that, for life!!"

Kenney- "Yes, I thought we had all our bases covered."

Harper- "So did I. We knew the MSM would follow our lead and do what we wanted them to do and they did. Also, any conservative running was told to stay away from local debates and the media, and they did. Vetting and giving invitations to those who wanted to attend my campaign stops was a brilliant idea, because only those who supported me got an invitation, that way I could control the message. Some Canadians not of our base complained, but I figure their just so insecure they have to be included in everything I do."

Kenney- "And don't forget the ads, telling Canadians what they should think about Trudeau. They worked brilliantly in the 2 previous elections."

Harper-"The one that should have definitely worked, but didn't, was the Fair Election Act. That was supposed to be my ticket straight to the majority everyone promised me."

Kenney- "Yeah I thought for sure it would give you your majority,I mean were talking about people here who don't even have the correct ID that the new Election Act requires and there now going to go out and get the right ID just to vote? People like indians? I don't think so! My mom says, for as long as she can remember, Indians have alway been shiftless and irresponsible."

Harper-" Yeah, well, I was talking to Bibi about a month ago and I told him , my majority was in the bag, that we had laid the groundwork in many ways to assure a majority win . I told him that once we won, I would be able to finish what I had started and Canada would be the Country I had dreamed of and the Country him and I had talked about over many hours when I was in Israel and I thanked him for his advice. I also told him that we had put a hold on refugees, preventing many muslim refugees from coming to Canada and we had figured out a way to get rid of many muslims who were already here and I would tell him all about it when we got together after the election."

Kenney- "Yeah you would have finally been able to get rid of that Palestinian busy body Dr. Abuelaish." My mother says she would never go to a Dr. with the last name of Abuelaish, as a woman she just couldn't trust him."

Harper-"yeah, can you imagine the nerve of him asking for a meeting with Baird or myself. All because he wanted visas for 100 Palestinian kids to get medical help. The Palestinians brought this on to themselves. Bibi told me that Palestinians use their kids as shields. He says their quite primitive people, sort of like our indians. Old Stock Canadians know what I'm talking about."

Kenney- "How about Mohamed Fahmy coming back the last week of the election."

Harper- "Yeah and blabbing his big mouth off that I should have called el- Sisi directly. That nobody publicly telling me, me the Prime Minister of Canada, that I should have done his bidding. If I would have won, he would have been the first person I would have deported under bill C-24. and I would have seen him off myself waving goodbye to him at the airport."

Harper- "Do ya think we can find a way to stay?"

Kenney-" Like how?"

Harper-"I don't know. Maybe if there was a terrorist attack, not a real one, but an attack that could be called terrorist, then I would have to use the War Measures Act. to call a state of emergency and I could stay as Prime Minister. Then I could keep extending that stay. I would have to get approval from the Governor General, but he does exactly what I tell him, so no worries there. I would have the RCMP and the Military acting in support of bill C-51. By the time everyone figured what happened it would be too late and I would be in place to be PM for life."

Kenney- "hmm, I don't know Steve, even if it did work, I don't think we have the time, you know, to make the necessary arrangements, mom always says good planning is what makes a project successful."

Harper-"I don't give a damn what your mother says, It's what I say that matters.

Kenney- "Not anymore Steve

Then someone knocks on the door, opens it, pokes his head in, looks at Harper and says,"Mr. Harper, Prime Minister Trudeau is here to see you."

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