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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vote, Vote, Vote - Vote ABC

Are you Registered to Vote?

By this time you should have received your Voter Information Card telling you where your polling station is located, if you have not received one then either you are not on the list or you information on that list is incorrect and you should call or visit your local Election Canada office and get your information added or corrected.

If you did receive a card then check it out and make sure that the name and address matches that on your personal identification, in particular the address. If it does not contact EC and get the electors list corrected or you may be turned away on voting day.
Find your local EC office address and phone number here.......

I am told by someone who recently took poll clerk training that should you turn up at a poll with address information that does not match the listings or when you are not on the list then you will NOT be turned away but added to the list and asked to swear that you have not voted elsewhere.

Its a difficult choice we must make this time around in order to remove the current dictator from power, the choice of which other candidate (and thus the party they represent) is best placed to defeat the incumbent, or new, conservative candidate is not always clear in many ridings. You may be tempted to say I want him gone but I am not sure who else to vote for and therefore not bother. Please don’t do that, if the more that 40% of folks who did not vote last time get out and vote ABC then ANYTHING can happen in any riding.
So make sure you are on the list, your details are correct, and get out and VOTE, dont let Harper steal another election with his unfair election act changes designed to discourage voting and prevent Elections Canada from encouraging voters to vote and hamper investigation of electoral fraud.

Advance voting days
October 9, 10, 11 and 12, noon to 8:00 p.m.

Election Day is Oct 19th
The time polls are open will vary depending upon your time zone but ALL are open a minimum of 12 hours

Other ways to vote
Go to any Elections Canada office by 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 13

No card?
Find out where to vote and check out if you are on the voters list here by entering your personal information


More voting wrinkles

Just found an interesting wrinkle in the voting process for those who wish to keep their face covered, despite have all the required documents the same as those who do not have photo ID and are permitted to vote right away those with face covering must swear an oath before they may vote. This does not seem logical or fair.

Those who want to make a protest by accepting a ballot and then refusing to vote will not be counted as refusing but their blank ballot placed in the box and counted as a spoiled ballot. A far better way to make your dislike of the system known would be to vote for a candidate who supports electoral reform. 31,000 people voted for “none of the above” in the last provincial election in Ontario where such an option was available, lets make every vote count..... against the dictatorial and corrupt Harper Regime!

As in all previous elections those that are turned away due to insufficient or incorrect identification or being at the wrong poll are not counted so we will never know how many voters tried to vote but were denied the opportunity. Please be sure you are on the voters list and have matching identification.
This information and more can be found in the polling clerks training manuals available on line on the Elections Canada site.

You should also have received a flyer regarding what to do if you did not receive a card which says you must present ......

1) Show one of these pieces of ID

  • your driver's licence
  • your provincial or territorial ID card
  • any other government card with your photo, name and current address

2) Show two pieces of ID

At least one must have your current address
What it does NOT say that said address much match in large part the address that EC has on file if it does not or if they have no listing you will have a problem.... call EC to ensure you can vote.

Almost 10 million Canadian voters did not vote for one reason or another in 2011, if all these folks make their wished know in this the most important election in years, possibly in Canadian history, then we CAN get rid of this undemocratic regime.............

In the 2011 Federal Election the conservatives formed government (with a disproportionate number of seats) with approximately 700,000 votes more popular votes than the runner up HOWEVER over 9.5 Million eligible voters did not vote. You CAN make a difference get out and VOTE! 
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Owen Gray said...

My wife and I didn't receive your voter registration cards, Rural, even tough we've lived here for 29 years. It's the first time that has happened. Cynic that I am, I don't believe it was accidental. We've registered online.

Rural said...

I have little doubt that the cuts to Elections Canadas budget has effected their ability to keep their database updated, Owen.

Unknown said...

I too had a bad experience when wanting to see if I was registered to vote. I first tried online, but they requested a drivers licence or provincial photo card, which I have neither. I then called them and got an automated voice asking for my info when the voice got to my postal code I gave and 3 times it came back with the wrong postal code. I finally talked to a live agent and he was talking so low I could hardly hear him. Also he could not speak english well enough to understand him. I finally told him there was no point in continuing, then got off the line. I then emailed elections Canada and told them about my experience and how shocked I was at the level of incompetency they showed. The next day I got a phone call from them apologizing. I finally got my voter information card. I still worried very much about how elections Canada was mishandling voter registration. I was persistent, but many people would have given up. Like Owen, I don't believe it was accidental. What is the relationship between the government in power and Elections Canada in running an election? My experience leads me to believe Harper and his Cons have their grubby little hands all over this one.

Rural said...

Such a run around and incompetence is very troubling , Pamela. Their slow reaction to previous election fraud would seem to indicate that there is a major problem with this 'independent' government department.
I note that ALL employees that deal with questions (unless you get hold of a supervisor or better) during an election period are 'temporary employees' with minimal training!