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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Promises, promises, promises...

With the Ontario election period rapidly approaching the major political partys are busy trying to buy your votes with your own money (or actually promises to spend it by putting various shiny things in the window) whilst at the same time using 'creative accounting' to say how much it will cost. With the daily revolving door of promises and attacks its hard to keep up so much of my commentary will be 'last weeks news' however here are a few observations regarding a few recent announcements.

First up the child care thing where they all are promising the impossible in which they promise unavailable spaces for all in some distant time in the future!

The Ontario Liberals are set to unveil a pre-election budget with billions in new spending, including a plan to provide fully government-funded child care for preschoolers by 2020.
(costing) $2.2-billion over the next three years to provide child care from the time children turn 2½ until they are eligible for kindergarten.
For every parent, even those in rural areas without access to 'aproved' child care spaces?
The NDP child-care plan would be phased in over five years, would be free for households that earn $40,000 or less, and would grow to include infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
Fees for parents earning more than $40,000 would be based on ability to pay and the party says the average fee for families would be $12 a day. The party projects five consecutive deficits to pay for its plan, with a $3.3 billion deficit in 2018-2019 and a $1.9 billion deficit in 2022-2023.
A more reasonable plan with a sliding scale of user pay but like the other plans I have to ask 'what of those parents who cannot access external child care and have to (or choose to) care for their own children at home (with the associated costs of doing so including loss of income)?
Ontario's Progressive Conservatives announced Saturday that if elected in the province's spring election, they will cover up to $6,750 of childcare costs for Ontario families through a tax rebate program.
Low-income families would receive 75 per cent of their child-care costs back, at a maximum of $6,750; higher income families would receive an incrementally lower rate, bottoming out at 26 per cent of child-care costs for families earning $150,000 or more.
So up to about half (they say 75%) of the typical 'approved' child care costs as a tax credit, guess you would have to be in that 150,000 bracket to get any back, the poor low income bugger trying to survive on minimum wage wont get much (if any) benefit (you have to pay it in first to get a 'credit!).

As someone who raised their children at home without child care subsidies I could say more on this but recognize that the situation in urban areas may be much different from those for us rural residents both in access to services and to 'subsidies' but both should have the same access to funds.

Whilst on the subject of the Ontario PCs I see that Doug Trump (sorry Doug Ford, its hard to tell the difference sometimes) has now not only denied the press access to his campaign bus but is now producing his own 'news reports' where his spin and BS cannot be questioned or edited by the real press. Gota keep those lieing 'fake news' purveyors from reporting on gods gift to the Ontario Voter, one Rob (my shovels bigger than yours) Ford. Given that he will say and do anything that is convienent to his narrative its not surprising that he does not want 'independent' news reporting, take the reversal of the pave over the green belt idea and now the firing of Granic Allen the 'king maker' who he once endorsed and now rejects. Like his buddy to the south you cannot believe a word he says, its going to be hard (if not impossible) to select a 'good' government in Ontario but the above eliminates one choice without further consideration! 

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Lorne said...

Oh, the debasement of politics continues apace, Rural. Sadly, there seems to be a ready market for the kind of snake oil people like Ford are peddling. Owen has a post about the possibilities if young people participate in the upcoming election in significant numbers. Let's hope they are wiser consumers of all the hype.

Rural said...

Let us hope that fresh blood at the voters booth will give the old guard a shake up Lorne, But they are still stuck with some very limited choices to pick from!