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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Voting A B C

I'm voting ABC ….. Any But Conservative ! Whilst I have nothing against our local conservative MPP and actually liked our previous MPP of the same persuasion, one Bill Murdoch now retired after putting the local needs ahead of provincial politics for many years, the new 'leader' is something else.
Frankly the thought of Ford in control of our province scares the living shit out of me, I am firmly convinced that he will do and say anything to gain power, nothing he says can be taken at face value, his figures (what few he has provided) do not add up and he even makes Wynne look almost palatable!

That leaves some very difficult choices, if I was voting for the leaders it would be no choice and NDPs Horwath is way better than the other choices, yes I have some concerns with their former strong affiliation with the unions, who in my view have become far to powerful in influencing political decisions, but they are looking to be the best choice provincially. But we vote for our local candidate and such choice may or may not have much influence upon which party holds the reigns of power when its all done. So whilst I think that my choice will be my local NDP candidate much will depend upon who I perceive to have the best chance of unseating the current conservative MPP and if that looks like being the liberal candidate then so be it.

One of the problems up here in what the GTA crowd think of as the boonies is that finding out who here has the most support is next to impossible, unlike in the 'big city' it is doubtful if we we see any pre-vote poll results for our riding and so its a guessing game. Perhaps I will just have to flip a coin it makes just about as much sense as anything else when I am voting against an individual who is not even on my voters list.......

No wonder the turnout is generally only around 50% !

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Lorne said...

It looks like this election is shaping up to be similar to the last federal campaign, Rural, where the anti-Harper sentiment determined who people voted for. I get th strong sense going into the last part of the current campaign that many, many people are starting to awaken to the reality of what a PC government under the exxtremist Doug Ford would look like and will vote accordingly.

Owen Gray said...

I agree, Rural. My vote will be strategic -- not for the PC candidate, but for the candidate who has the best chance of defeating Mr. Ford's representative.