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Sunday, February 16, 2020

This is how democracies die.

A recent post by fellow blogger Lorne stuck a cord with me and despite my reluctance to comment about ANYTHING in these days of total political mayhem both near and far I will attempt to make a rational commentary upon some of the points made.
Like Lorne “my disenchantment with the world and its politics has reached new depths.”, after 10 years of highlighting the dangers to our democracy by those who would circumvent the hard won protections that our largely unenforceable democratic norms that we take for granted I am tired of fighting! As with my fellow blogger “ I wonder if writing about this broken world is the best use of whatever time remains to me”, certainty I probably have a little less time than he to continue the fight both personal and democratically, but also like he I too am 'drawn to the flame”!
There is little doubt that the excessive retoric we hear about daily from a certain would be dictator south of the border does much to keep my blood pressure elevated, how anyone who watches the nightly news can remain calm and unaffected is beyond my comprehension. Much of the news from across our own country is no less troubling where fortunately our leader does not take to twitter with a kneejerk reaction to each little unwelcome bit of news (even if certain other would be leaders do).
In that regard that our PM has repeated said that our rule of law should be followed and the the various police forces and their provincial counterparts must be the ones at this point to try and deescalate the hijacking of our nations rail system is the correct approach. It is unfortunate that the blockade of national rail line by a few self identified 'native supporters' should have been permitted to last beyond a few hours and receive such news attention which is what the said individuals seem to more interested in rather than anything constructive.
To return to to the article referenced above the fear expressed was “Trump’s “retribution tour” shows he has indeed learned something from acquittal: “The lesson is he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.” and to ruturn to the title of this piece "...a president is fully above the law in the most dangerous kind of way. This is how democracies die.”
Exactly! But the question is becoming what price that democracy when a handful of non leaders (or for that matter a few individuals in powerful positions) can hold an entire country hostage by blocking a few rail lines without and real consequences. Democracy is a fragile thing and in protecting those who would use our tolerance to promote their 'right' to protest to abuse the 'rights' of others must be made aware that they diminish their own access to such activities.
I fear that the United States is not the only “nation in precipitous and likely irreversible decline”!.

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