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Parliamentary Malfeasance

Since this blog was started in February 2009 there have been numerous questionable actions in regard to established practices within the House of Common, Parliamentary Committees, The Senate and in regard to the suspension of parliament. It is hard to separate such actions from purely political shenanigans but I will try on this page to list links to the major attacks upon our Parliamentary system over that period. Many of the links will be to previous posts on the blog however such post usually contain further links to other sources of information regarding the particular incident, I will try and keep this page updated as the never ending stream of information reveals new attempts to diminish parliamentary practices.

I apologize for not keeping these pages up to date, quite simply the volume of Political, Parliamentary and Electoral Malfeasance has been to much to keep up with. I have opened up the comment sections of these pages so that readers may add those which I have missed.

More Contempt, More Secrecy, More Stalling refusing to produce documents.
Delay, Obstruct & Spin more on the same subject

Standing Up for Democracy a letter from a former Civil Servant.

Proroguing Parliament - Again (to avoid allegations regarding the Afghan documents.?)

Democracy is Under Attack a series of links about attacks upon our parliamentary democracy.

This list is far from complete and will be expanded upon in the coming weeks and months, we cannot forget what damage has been done to our parliamentary democracy in recent years.

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