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Election Malfeasance

During the 2011 federal election a number of riding reported harassing or inaccurate phone calls aimed at suppressing voter turnout by either misdirecting voters to the wrong location or annoying them to the extent that they would fail to vote for a particular party. Whilst many of these tactics were reported at the time media investigations revealing that Elections Canada had traced many of the automated calls to one particular provider and published in late Feb 2012 have escalated the number of allegations.
The investigations are ongoing and the RCMP are said to be assisting in the inquires, there are hundreds of articles online in regard to this 'robo-call' scam and I will not attempt to link them all here however due to the extreme importance of finding out how this effected the outcome of said election and who was responsible for this attack upon or democratic principals, I will provide links to the basic information as and when it becomes available.

I  apologize for not keeping these pages up to date, quite simply the volume of Political, Parliamentary and Electoral Malfeasance has been to much to keep up with. I have opened up the comment sections of these pages so that readers may add those which I have missed. Unfortunately a number of the articles, particuarly news articles, are no longer available or are now behind a paywall.

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Additional items that come under the heading of Election Malfeasance are linked to below.

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