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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Goodbye Blogger

For decades I have used the google search engine and posted my thoughts in google blogger but in recent days everything on that platform seems to have gone tilt. Firstly when using the google search engine the results screen comes up with the most horrible glaring red background with no apparent easy way to go back to white. That I can cure by simply using a different search engine as my default, my current choice is Duck Duck Go. Although I no longer post as many items to blogger as I have over those 20 years I did today attempt to comment upon the current political situation here in Canada only to find out that it is now impossible to directly format the font and size when adding a post to blogger …..as can be seen in this post. What gives, this 'improvement' has effectively put an end to my blogging but perhaps thats a good thing for at 75 I no longer easily accept change. So this is probably goodbye! Support Democracy - Recommend this Post at Progressive Bloggers

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Voices with no voice....

  Glen Pearson writes in National Newswatch

“The days of hope, while we still wish for them, seem somehow to be moving out of reach.  We have numerous causes but no cause, millions of voices but no voice.  Every viewpoint counts for something, but if it can’t respect those it opposes, or seek to find common cause for building something better, then millions of voices can merely become a din. “

I believe that sums things up rather well and just about the only thing we can be fairly certain of is that when an election is called, be it next month or next year, the din will become louder and the rhetoric more vicious.

The failure of the effort to bring in electoral reform leaves us with the system whereby we continue to be left with the conundrum of whether to vote for the best individual or indirectly for (or against) the party they represent (in theory they 'represent' us but thats not the way it works most of the time). 

Are we headed, as its becoming elsewhere, a case of a vote with no voters or voters with no vote?

Hat Tip to Owen over at Northern Reflections for this one...... 


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