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Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Scary Parallel....


Earlier in his career the world had watched him with amusement, that people refused to take him seriously, and as one action after another met with amazing success, this amusement was transformed into incredulousness. It was inconceivable that such a thing could actually happen in our modern civilization. A madman had become the leader. Having classified him in this way you might think that all we need to do is to eliminate the madman from the scene of activities, replace him with a sane individual, and the world will again return to a normal and peaceful state of affairs. ….......
Focusing on the individual’s madness begs the question as to the sanity of society that created him as its spokesman and leader, that a reciprocal relationship exists between the leader and the people who spawned him. Removing such a leader is simply removing the overt manifestation of the disease. Focusing on the madman does not take us very far in understanding those who support him. “
The above is not a Psychological Analysis of Donald Trump but from a World War II report, “A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler,” for the Office of Strategic Services of the United States Government as brought to my attention by a long dissection of the American mindset by blogger Canadian Dimension
I will not pretend to be a great scholar or for that matter consumed with our southern neighbors current cluster fk but one cannot help but be concerned with where the country just south of us is headed given our close proximity both physical and economically. I can only say that from what news reports that highlight Trumps past and present unrestrained verbiage the above clip from an article about a former dictator who started in an elected official and in a short time took over government and eliminated any who opposed him that the parallels are scary..
Given the constant removal of qualified individuals from influential government positions to be replaced with Trump supporters the parallels are so obvious and troubling that the American electorate had best be praying that this smooth talking self promoting liar is removed from power in short order. I wish the American people the best of luck getting him to actually hand over the reigns of power and not further destroy what little democracy left in their country by fighting the results in the courts for months and possibly years to come.
Enough said......
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