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Political Malfeasance

This is a much harder and more extensive list to try and summarize than shown in the Electoral and Parliamentary Malfeasance pages and I will try to limit this list to those things that I feel directly effect our democracy. This will include such things as limiting or controlling the public access to information be it scientific, financial, committee proceedings or commission reports, misuse of taxpayers money for partisan purposes in particular for promotion and 'branding' of the party point of view. It may include links to actions that result in longstanding scientific, farm and social support programs being selectively de-funded without cause, interference with 'independent' commissions and marketing bodies and secretive 'agreements' with foreign nations and international corporations, or anything else that strikes me as particularly egregious..

It will take me some time to compile even the major items from the past 3 to 5 years, feel free to contact me via the email shown in the side bar with any suggestions. Meanwhile here is a start from more recent actions. 

I apologize for not keeping these pages up to date, quite simply the volume of Political, Parliamentary and Electoral Malfeasance has been to much to keep up with. I have opened up the comment sections of these pages so that readers may add those which I have missed.

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This list was provided by a commenter named "Conservative Lies" in the comments section of the Globe & Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/stephen-harpers-canada-better-worse-or-unchanged-take-the-poll/article22696816/comments/\

I have posted here as a reminder of past questionable actions by the Harper Regime, I make no claims regarding the accuracy of the list but cannot see any major fault with it!

• Harper’s former Parliamentary Secretary, Dean Del Mastro, found guilty of election fraud;
• Government found guilty of election fraud 5 times in 8 years;
• Spent $7 million in partisan anti-drug ads in just 3 months
• Has spent $700,000 fighting Canada’s veterans in court
• Spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars developing partisan legislation that stood no chance of withstanding a Constitutional challenge……and when all were overturned by the Supreme Court, began undermining the credibility of the Court, and its Chief Justice;
• Deception around Nigel Wright repaying the $90,000 Conservative Senator Mike Duffy defrauded from taxpayers, closing off investigation and refusing to give details….with RCMP finding all trails lead back to Stephen Harper’s office;
• undemocratic ‘Fair Elections Act’ removing ability of Elections Canada to do its job;
• Auditor General reported $3.1 billion in anti- terror funding missing; using taxpayer dollars to fund partisan personal attack ads;
• Spent $750 million taxpayer dollars in partisan advertising;
• found guilty on three separate occasions of election fraud and campaign financing violations;
• Allowed XL Foods meat processing plant to continue to process and distribute tainted meat for 3 weeks after U.S. stopped importing for the same reason;
• Over spent those cabinet-approved ad budgets by $128-million — more than 37 per cent…..all the while cutting funding to important government programs;
• Shut down Committee investigating F-35 purchase scandal;
• Conservative campaign staff proven to be behind Guelph Robocalls;
• Lied to Parliament and the Canadian public about the true cost of the F-35's,
• Auditor General proves fraud and incompetence in Government's F-35 purchase,
• Increased the size of the federal public service by 32,000 employees, increased government spending by 30% to a record $276 billion,
• largest deficit in Canadian history,
• Industry Minister Christian Paradis stays in Cabinet after being found in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act;
• First Government in Canadian History to be found in Contempt of Parliament,
• Took $38.2 billion Liberal Surplus, and ran it into 53 Billion Dollar Deficit,
• screwed up G8 and G20 Meetings,
• Veterans Affairs Minister Fantino criticized for spending $4 million on advertising programs for veterans rather than investing the money in services;
• $1.3 billion in unspent funding for Veterans returned to Treasury to help balance budget after Veterans Services cutbacks;
• ignored recommendations contained in 2012 Auditor General’s Report regarding security deficiencies at the Parliament Buildings…….contributing to the killing of a soldier there on October 22, 2014;
• reduced funding for Canada’s military to an all-time low of 1.4% of GDP;
• Despite the Conservative government’s frequent warnings about lingering terrorist threats, it quietly abolished a federal panel of national security advisers;
• Lost Canada’s seat on the Security Council;
• Turned down $300 million offer to sell the Canadian Wheat Board’s assets to Canadian farmers, so he could give them to American businessmen for FREE;
• The annual cost of paying Conservative political staffers working in a network of satellite minister’s offices ballooned by 70 per cent (from $1.6 million to $2.7 million) during the same years the government was eliminating some departments and programs, and ordering others to tighten their belts;
• ratified a controversial 31 year treaty that will allow China to sue Canada in secret tribunals for Canadian laws that interfere with Chinese investments;
• muzzled outgoing leader of Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC), Lt.-Gen. Stu Beare …. preventing him from talking to journalists about the challenges that CJOC and Canada face during this period of global tumult;
• another of Stephen Harper’s key pieces of legislation was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Canada, when his section limiting pre-trial sentencing credit was overturned;
• imposition of new federal grain and transportation rules, that because of lack of coordination, transparency, accountability, and infrastructure……caused global clients to walk away and buy elsewhere……at a cost of $5 billion to Canadian farmers;
• poor monitoring of safety and environmental controls by Department of Transport, detailed in damning Transportation Safety Board report as a contributing factor in the Lac-Mégantic train derailment that killed 47 people;
• A report by Canada’s veterans watchdog says nearly half of the country’s most severely disabled ex-soldiers are not receiving a government allowance intended to compensate them for their physical and mental wounds; instructed civil servants to begin deleting ‘sensitive’ emails; Under proposed changes to prescribed annuity taxation, Canadian poor seniors will pay a lot more taxes; according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation……
• Stephen Harper employs 3,325 spin doctors, at a cost of $263 million…..almost equal to the cost of operating the House of Commons;
• sent out email to Public Servants asking them to promote Conservative tax proposal on Twitter;
• Harper government paid $35 million to quietly settle lawsuit regarding contract dispute where Conservatives rigged the bidding process;
• Paul Calandra's dishonest and embarrassing performance answering questions in the HoC;
• Using taxpayer funded ten-percenters and constituency mailers, and House of Commons free mailing privileges to send out attack literature;
• wants to change copyright law to allow for privately owned news copy to be used free of charge in attack ads……but has done nothing to protect film & music copyright owners receive proper payment;
• using the Canada Revenue Agency as an arm of PMO to target groups and agencies deemed ‘unfriendly’ to the Harper government;
• scrapped 3,000 environmental reviews on pipelines and other projects;
• Canada ranked worst of G7 nations in fighting bribery & corruption, by Transparency International, the watchdog agency that monitors global corruption;
• Canada slipped out of the top 10 countries listed in the annual United Nation’s human development index — a far cry from the 1990s when it held the first place for most of the decade (rating a country’s performance in health, education and income);
• cancelled the Health Council of Canada and the 10-year health Provincial accord that led to its creation;
• consistently used Omnibus bills to hide and pass controversial legislation that it did not want to debate separately;
• government employment policies stimulate creation of part-time jobs at the expense of full-time positions;
• Canada performance ranked as 58th out 61 industrialized countries by international climate organization;
• closed Fisheries Library……and destroyed research materials;
• Held back $7 billion in approved spending to finance tax cuts……depriving some departments of required operating funds;
• Listeria Outbreak;
• Transparency Lies,
• Accountability Lies,
• Afghanistan Secrecy;
• CRTC Meddling,
• Rona Ambrose lies & ineptness;
• Anti-Intellectualism;
• Fake election phone calls in 34 ridings,
• Fake Citizenship ceremonies,
• Tony Clement's $50 million Gazebo fund,
• Misleading Parliament on what the Gazebo Fund was supposed to be used for,
• In And Out election violations,
• Income Trusts lies,
• Security Leaks,
• Cadman Affair;
• fired Nuclear Watchdog Linda Keane for doing her job,
• fired head of Military Police Inquiry for doing his job,
• fired Veteran's Ombudsman for doing his job,
• had Firearm Long Gun Mountie removed for doing his job,
• eviscerated Long Form Census to keep facts from the public,
• trashed Diplomat Richard Colvin for doing his job;
• Dishonestly used image of Canadarm with photoshopped Canada logo on government websites;
• Canada Was The Only UN Member To Reject Landmark Indigenous Rights Document;
• Ignored UN Environmental Commission report on urgent need to get greenhouse gasses under control;
• Conservative Parliamentary Assistant Alexandra Constantinidis caught twice, trying record Liberal candidate’s private conversation;
• Spent $15.4 million on a records archival system it never used (2014 Auditor General’s Report);

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