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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Assets & Liabilities – April 09

A monthly look at actions that add or subtract from our Democracy

Liability - The Conservative government for outsourcing the manufacturing of maple leaf pins to China. The latest shipment of maple leaf lapel pins to Parliamentary offices has arrived with ‘Made in China’ product labels.

Asset - Thomas Walkom for his article “The quiet unravelling of Canadian democracy” and to those bloggers that picked up upon it.

Liability - The Conservative Governments refusal to assist and protect Canadian citizens in difficult situations abroad and appealing the latest court decision regarding the repatriation of the lone Canadian remaining in captivity from the Iraq war.

Asset - Judge Gomery for his recent remarks that unnecessary delays or outright denials of requests under the Access to Information Act are creating a lack of transparency in government and that this type of transparency is crucial to the Canadian public, to democracy and to society at large.

Liability – Our PM for finding it necessary to hire two U.S media advisors (at $25,00 per week) to help him scrip and disseminate his views to the foreign media whilst at the same time limiting access for Canadian media.

Feel free to add your own thoughts to the list, I just wish it were as easy to find things for the asset side of the ledger as it is to find liabilities. Support Democracy - Recommend this Post at Progressive Bloggers


Jennifer Smith said...

I would like to list Canada's Blogging Senator Elaine McCoy as a permanent asset to Canadian democracy.

Rural said...

Good point Jennifer, I just didn’t know whether to list her as a blog member or a resource, probably should do both, but will add her blog to the side list for now. Do feel free to “throw you hat in” when something suitable comes up, always enjoy your blog…

Ms. M said...

Here's a liability: The gov't being able to introduce bills with many different things in them. The Senate recently passed the bill that includes both E.I. stuff and the Navigable waters act. They passed it to help Canadians get E.I. Why were those 2 things together in the same bill? This is ridiculous and needs to be illegalized. A bill should focus on one thing at at time. Yay - E.I. for people and loss of water protection at the same time. That's a crappy deal.