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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Assets & Liabilities – March 09

A monthly look at actions that add or subtract from our Democracy.

Asset – The “green” bloggers at the new aggregator Canadian Green Bloggers who realize that democracy requires open discussion seeking consensus and compromise.

Liabilities – Those Conservative attack ads taking personal aim at the opposition leader and avoiding saying ANYTHING of any importance.

Asset – The increasing number of folk getting involved with workshops and seminars promoting change in government, more open communications, easier access to information and other desperately needed improvements.

Liabilities – All those union members who are using their “right” to strike to obtain wage and benefit increases far in excess of what is warranted in the current circumstances where so many are without employment. That so many are “public service” employees of one level or another, paid out of the public purse, is a sad reflection of this “right”.

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