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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Assets & Liabilities for July 2009

A monthly look at actions that enhance or support our democracy and those that do not!

Liability: The “Harper Government” for calling themselves just that rather than “The Government of Canada” or even “The Conservative Party of Canada” on a web site promoting the “stimulus spending” and for also rewriting history by removing factual pages telling of Canada’s history as a country of refuge for those opposed to war.

Asset: The Office of The Parliamentary Budget Officer for once again giving us a public report with a more realistic set of numbers regarding the countrys current and future deficit, this despite efforts to limit their ability to produce such reports.

Liability: The Alberta Torys for kicking out of the government caucus MLA and former provincial cabinet minister Guy Boutilier who stood up for his constituents by criticizing funding delays for a long-term care facility in his constituency.

Asset: Andrew Heard of the political science department at simon fraser university for his web pages on Canadian elections, electoral laws, reform and history. Many good links, great resource.

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