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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not worth the paper its written on!

Anything agreed to by the Conservative regime that is!

The Star reported just last week that the agreement in principal regarding the Afganistan Documents included this:-

“Committee members will have access to government officials from appropriate departments to provide briefings and contextual information and reasons for protecting information.”

The Globe and Mail reports today that :- “The Conservative cabinet has decided to ban its political staffers from appearing as witnesses before committees................”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, explained the new policy Sunday during an appearance on CTV’s Question Period. “Ministers are the ones who are accountable and answer to Parliament,” said Mr. Soudas, adding that a “government-wide” policy on the issue will be laid out on Tuesday.”


One wonder exactly how far this “government-wide policy” will go, we are rapidly reaching the point where even our elected representatives cannot access any meaningful information from “our government” let alone the public or the media.

We cant have someone who actually might know something testify before a committee now can we? Either parliamentarians have the right to know the truth and call witnesses or they do not, this is yet one more attack upon our democracy (what little we have left) by this corrupt and dictatorial regime.

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Anonymous said...

And the solutions is? Opposition are dead ducks, nothing to offer.