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Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Richer or for Poorer

It seems that there are still some folks that cannot see the difference between taxpayer funding of political partys by a per vote subsidy and taxpayer funding by tax credits for individual donation, and the The Jurist had a great breakdown of the numbers last week
Apart from the fact that the former amounts to a relatively minuscule amount and the latter exceeds that by a considerable factor, the former is spread across partys by the number of votes the get and the latter, whilst 25% is directly from the supporter, is largely (75%) paid for by us all but directed by the greatest amount of donation, there is another difference.

It is this. If a partys platform appeals to the typical working man, low income families, the less fortunate in our society, those desperately seeking work in order to support themselves and their families, and each of those supporters makes a modest donation commensurate with their ability to do so, it will differ considerably from those who do so from a stronger financial position both in the ability to find the funds and the cost to the taxpayer..

If 10,000 folks in the $20,000 income bracket scrape together a donation each of say $50 the party of their choice will get 500,000. Interestingly most of this will come directly from the individuals and in most cases they will receive LITTLE OR NO tax relief as it is improbable that the extra tax credits (minimal as they will be for that small donation) will alter their tax position.

If 10,000 folks in the $100,000 income bracket make a similar donation (percentage wise based upon income) their $250 donation (an amount much easer to come by than the $50 for the less fortunate) will raise 2.5 million and given their tax bracket it is a given that the full 75% tax rebate will be taken, so that around 1.8 million will come from general tax revenue and just 25% from the individuals.

It can be clearly seen that those partys with a platform supporting those with a more affluent lifestyle and failing to support the less affluent in out society have a real advantage when it comes to fundraising and taxpayer support. Which is, I submit, why one particular party is once again trying to skew the funding model even further in their direction.

It is this same mind set, I believe, that has led to the childish, immature and anti-democratic spate of TV ad's emerging from the Harper regime. Simply put if they can push reasonable and clear thinking Canadians to the point where their view of our political system leads then to disconnect, walk away in disgust, fail to support any party and not vote, then all that leaves is the rabid right, the extreme left, the nut bars and the easily led who believe all the spin. And thusly will King Harper come to get his One Party dictatorship, not by democratic means but by default!

Many have said that the next federal election will be a turning point for Canada, there is little doubt that this is true. The question is will it mark a return to a more democratic and inclusive government or a further decent into a more anti-democratic and exclusive autocracy. Its your choice Canadians, stand ready to make it, but please do not do so based upon the lies and spin currently being aired on your television set.

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