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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Harper Legacy – Part 1

Introduction - The next 5 weeks

Given the pre election attack ad's put out by the Harper regime we must assume that Mr Harper believes that the past actions of a political leader dictate the future actions of both the leader and the party. With that in mind it only seems prudent to examine in detail the past actions of Mr Harper and his regime prior to, and since, taking power. Over the next few weeks it is my intention to do so. As always I will focus upon statements and actions impacting upon our democratic institutions, the availability of accurate information necessary for parliamentarians and the voting public to make informed decisions, and other such actions and statements that show how this regime has show total disdain for democratic processes.

Over the next few weeks rational debate and factual information will no doubt be in short supply and what little may be found will be lost in a cacophony of lies, spin, untruths and selective or revisionist history. I hope for the most part to avoid such political traps but make no mistake I will be seeking and discussing items that specifically show what damage the Harper regime has done to our parliamentary democracy for I truly believe that to continue down this path will lead us to a situation where 'we the people' will have even less say in our destiny than is now the case. I note that in the opening hours of the salvo the Mr Harper is already lying (as he did in 2008) by saying that they never considered a coalition in 2004, to quote Mr Duceppe: "Mr. Harper called us to a hotel.....We changed the rules that day....Mr. Harper lied this morning. He was going to form a coalition in 2004 with the Bloc." and despite Mr Ignatieff's commitment to not form a coalition it must be remembered that this is a perfectly legitimate form of government which Mr Layton has not ruled out.

I hope to cover the following periods of Harper's 'rise to power' and will attempt to provide links to reliable sources giving the details of the various statements and actions so that readers may satisfy themselves that those things listed did indeed take place and may read more about them if desired.
I am aware of a number of 'lists' giving an outline of such actions created over the last few years, and have in fact created some of my own since Harpers disdain for parliamentary convention became apparent, if you know of any such compendiums fell free to post a link to them in my comments section or drop me an email. I suspect however that I will have no difficulty in filling pages with instances of this regimes anti-democratic actions, but may have difficulty in keeping my posts to a reasonable length.

Here then are my tentative sub titles and periods to be covered over the next few weeks:-

The Rise to Power, In Opposition and Before 2004 – 2006
The First Try, Early Election 2006 – 2008
The Second Try, Parliament Suspended - Twice
The Current Mess, No Respect -2010 -2011
Conclusion, Choices & Results

I expect to show that the legacy that the Harper regime leaves is that of the most dictatorial and secretive anti-democratic government in Canadian history. That in waning hours of this session Conservative house leader John Baird used the phrase “Tyranny of the Majority” and said
"We find ourselves here today faced with the most partisan of attacks from an opposition coalition bent on defeating this government at all costs." to describe the actions of the majority of our duly elected representatives is but the latest indication off how little they care about democracy.

I hope readers will follow along as I review the rise of this destructive regime and carefully consider if continuing on this path is constructive for our democracy and the future of our parliamentary system of governance. It is increasingly looking like this election is going to be, at least in part, about the abuse of democracy by the Harper regime, but let us all keep ALL the partys feet to the fire and get some commitments for parliamentary and electoral reform whilst we have the candidates attention.
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