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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Harper Legacy – Series Suspended

Just like the harper regime I am going to break my promises and suspend dialog, my intention to document Harpers antidemocratic actions and words over the last few years is simply too depressing for me to continue. As I follow the daily promises and spin emerging from the election trail I see less and less hope for Canadian Democracy, whilst the harper regimen did indeed need to be held to account, and the only means left to parliamentarians was indeed declaring their lack of confidence in said regime, this election is rapidly becoming a farce.

With a never ending series of negative ads from the conservative war machine both before and during the election period, with the pollsters still pushing the misconception that the conservatives have 35% or so support when in fact that is the level of DECIDED voters, and anywhere from 40 to 50% of eligible voters have not made up their minds or are totally turned off by the whole thing. With our antiquated first past the post voting system forcing people to vote for candidates or partys they do not support simply to rid ourselves of this dictatorial regime. With just a small chance of the only party to really express much concern about the state of our democracy  to have any real influence in the next parliament and with the “Media Consortium” actively working to further reduce democratic debate in this country. With numerous 'allegations', inquiries and legal actions regarding wrongdoing by our former government stalled, suspended, swept under the carpet or otherwise eliminated from proceeding until long after the election is over. With the media still faithfully reporting Harpers every 'rally' where only the party faithful or 'approved' spectators are allowed to attend and where reporters questions are severely limited or ignored if not to his Kingships liking. And so it goes on sending this tired old blogger into a political depression and forcing me to suspend operations for the good of my mental heath, whilst I hope for a liberal minority supported by both Greens and NDP, whichever way it goes it will be a long time before our democracy recovers from recent abuses, if ever.

With the above in mind I will simply place a few links below to some articles both old and more recent which bear rereading and consideration before you decide upon your options on May 2nd. I wish I could do more but if I continue to follow this election and write about the preceding 5 years of democratic destruction I will so depressed and disgusted that I will fail to vote, which is of course the aim of those that would rule by decree.

First up the Travers Shamocracy series:-

More reading on the threats to democracy:-

The list is endless, as must be the fight to protect democracy but I for one am getting very tired of banging my head against that wall!

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