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Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is NOT Democracy

The Opposition pushback over Bill C-38 — driven in part by the Green Party caucus of one, Elizabeth May — is about far more than political partisanship. It's about whether Parliament can prevent being pushed into complete irrelevance by a government which abuses its power. Andrew Coyne, June 14 2012.

Remember that date for it is the day that 164 conservative MPs decided that their allegiance to King Harper and his regime is greater than to their Country, that their need to satisfy the directives from the PMO is greater than the need to represent their constituents, that parliament is just a meaningless charade to be dismissed as irrelevant. Not one, NOT ONE, conservative MP voted for any of the 100s of amendments, apparently every word and comma is without error and they have no problem with ANY of the measures contained within this 452 page bill. That is beyond believability and thus makes them all 'enemies of the state of Canada'. I repeat ANY MP that voted for this bill and against all amendments is either brain dead or is an enemy of the people of Canada and our democratic institutions, care nothing for the diversity of wildlife, the flora and fauna, the rivers and oceans that make Canada so special.

That this regimen then accuses the opposition of 'playing games' in their efforts to bring further debate and clarity, split it into more acceptable portions and reduce the egregious elimination of many of our environmental protection regulations is nothing short of disgusting and turns my stomach.

Andrew has this to say in his article:-
For the first time since the last election, the opposition is putting up a serious fight against the abuses this government has visited upon Parliament: not only the omnibus bill – which repeals, amends or introduces more than 60 pieces of legislation – but the repeated, almost routine curtailing of debate by means of time allocation; the failures of oversight, misstating of costs, and abdication of responsibility in the F-35 purchase; and the refusal to provide basic information on spending to Parliament or the Parliamentary Budget Officer – to say nothing of the stonewalling, prorogations and other indignities of the minority years.
It should be noted it is not only the opposition’s interests that are being defended here. It is Parliament’s. Were MPs on the government side more mindful of their responsibilities, they would be as vigilant in its defence as the opposition. So while there is a strong element of partisanship in all this, there is also a vital question of principle; though the opposition parties may be accused of past acquiescence or even participation in some of the abuses of which they now complain, that does not preclude them from discovering their backbones now...............
Certainly it would be hard to argue the Conservatives paid much of a price for their past misdeeds: given a chance to punish them at the last election, the public instead returned them with a majority. Little wonder that the finance minister is already advertising his intent to bring forth another omnibus bill in the fall. The precedents thus set, we can look forward to a future in which Parliament would be reduced to two votes of consequence per year – one to rubber-stamp the government’s spring agenda, a second to cover the fall.

That last bit says it all, this is what our democracy has come to, a chance to place a vote via an abused and unrepresentative system once in a while for a local candidate who when elected will follow the instructions of a handful of ideologues who have delusions of wielding absolute power over all Canadians. That my friends is not democracy, that is at best is an Oligarchy and leaning very heavily towards a Dictatorship.

I am forced once again to point out that irregardless of whether you agree or disagree with the policies of a particular government so long as the systems of democracy remain in place then citizens and their representatives have a means to effect change. Once those systems are destroyed it becomes a much harder thing to accomplish, as is seen daily in certain eastern countries. This regimen is systematically ignoring, abusing and destroying our parliamentary rules and traditions, I just hope there is enough left by the time they are done to salvage. Wake up Canada your democracy has been stolen whilst you were sleeping.

This is a time of grief and mourning for anyone who has a sense of the act of vandalism known as #C38. The loss and pain is keen. #cdnpoli

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