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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Reading

I have been struggling lately to organize my thoughts enough to write my regular Sunday morning commentary, not because there is no enough to write about on the democracy front but because there is too much. Fortunately there are many others who are more than capable of filling the gap and this week I will simply refer you to a few of their recent posts.

First up Norm Farell quotes George Monbiot
“the richest 100 people now hold wealth near equivalent to the United Kingdom's GDP. “

Then Owen Grey is well worth reading
“Democracy announces itself in three fundamental ways: an honest public discussion about issues; accountability of the governors to the governed; and equal protection under the law. “

“governments are ceasing to use evidence, facts and science as the basis to guide policy and instead, are retreating to dogma, fear and partisan advantage to steer the ship of state.

The Globe & Mail has a couple of bits worth a look”
“The dogs bark and the caravan – the mockery of democracy – moves on.”

“Parliament is not being told when new legislation likely violates the Charter –“

Finally a reminder for those who do not already visit regularly that the place to go for a wide variety of progressive views from bloggers from coast to coast is the Progressive Bloggers Aggregator
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