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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation

On Thursday the Prime Minister’s Office posted Thursday episode 1 of what it calls “24 Seven” — a weekly roundup of Harper’s events and announcements, and those of his government. And which I will NOT post a link to!

This appears to be another effort by the Conservative government to bypass the mainstream media and communicate its “message” directly to Canadians thus further avoiding those pesky reporters who keep trying to ask questions. Expect the access to the PM to decrease from only in tightly controlled rabid supporter filled rooms to never, and the use of Harper spokesclowns who have been trained to read total BS from a predefined scrip to increase. After all in a democracy we cannot expect the PM to actually make himself available to anyone who may ask awkward questions can we now! I mean really some citizen might hold up a sign that criticizes his regime, the press might print something that was not approved by King Harpers 'handlers.

Anyone that has any idea of past history knows that this is exactly the way dictators seize power, if you control the message you control the outcome, appoint watchdogs who have a vested interest in your point of view and further control the message, propose laws to silence any opposition and you control the message, call those with opposing views terrorists and remove funding opportunities and you control the message. Ignore parliamentary traditions and unwritten rules, reduce the ability of the opposition to participate in debates or committees and spend millions of taxpayers money telling them what a fine job you are doing and you are well on the way to destroying democracy. Get the public so disgusted with politicians in general that they don’t bother to vote and send those that do to the wrong place and you are well on the way to having it all your way. Just to be sure this all works take steps to silence those employed by government by telling them that they will loose their jobs if they speak up about wrongdoing, waste or illegal spending. Cut funding and mandates for departments that keep track of spending, election integrity, environmental regulations and even the status of our population and who is going to dispute your weekly 'look at me, I'm King Harper. Vote for me and you will not recognize Canada when I'm done' production from The Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation.

If by doing all these things and reducing spending under the guise of 'needed' austerity cuts to service you can then have lots of lovey hidden dollars to buy the next vote with promises that you have no intention of keeping or will perhaps be fulfilled if the gullible public elect you through 2025 or so!

Its all quite simple, if you hide the facts and silence those who research the facts, reduce the ability of the public and opposition to have meaningful input to any change and issue enough messages saying that everything is fine be happy then enough uncritical citizens will vote you in to further destroy our democratic system and ensure that no one, but no one, is in a position to remove you from power (by democratic means) in the future.

Think my scenario is over the top? Do your homework and see the changes that have taken place already in the last few years! Support Democracy - Recommend this Post at Progressive Bloggers


Anonymous said...

The Canadian populace has received the government it deserves.

The other parties are too weak or too opinionated to be an effective opposition despite Parliamentary debating skills.

There is no hope.

Or, ironically, if Ms E. May crossed the floor and joined one or the other oppositions, that might actually swing a large balance of power.

Your opinion here ___________

Anonymous A

Rural said...

Anonymous A, Debating skills are of little use if the other side refuses to listen and whilst I do wish the opposition would cooperate more it is Ms May who is doing the most to encourage that and I see little to gain by her joining a party who do less than her to protect and enhance our democratic processes.

Owen Gray said...

There is a method to Harper's madness, rural. The problem is getting people to see the method.

Rural said...

Indeed Owen, its hard for even those of us who are taking notice to see around all the spin and outright lies.