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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Say it with Song

After six and a half years of writing about our failing democracy under the Harper Regime there is little more that I can say that I have not already said at some point. So many Progressive Bloggers have joined the battle in recent years (and a few notable writers proceeded my efforts) that, with just a week to go before the future of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy is decided, no one who is active on line can profess ignorance as to the danger of reelecting Harper. Before we start view the first minute or so of this clip from Globals 'The West Block' wherein Tom Clark explains why Harper did not appear on the show and how he attempted to control the message.

Now here for a change are a few opinions from some other folks, both musical and not..... (sorry no imbedded content, just follow the links!)

First up, Marg Delahunty aka Mary Walsh

Global's Dr. Samir Gupta tells us why health care should be a major focus when determining your vote in this federal election.

Blue Rodeo tells us that Harper is 'Stealin’ All My Dreams,'

Danny Williams of all people says that we just cant trust Harper...

A band with the curious name of Enid Penis sings...
“Stevie Harper’s on a mission to kill, Kill democracy on Parliament Hill'

In an interview Rick Mercer tells it like it is, as always...
Then there is this weeks 'rant'....

Canadian bands Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde teamed up to sing about the “Land You Love.”

This quote from an open letter signed by 587 Canadian academics highlights the efforts of the Harper Regime to create special rules for those who he deems unfit to be Canadian. Beware it could be you!
By conjuring up a phantom menace to the country and implying that some immigrants and religious minorities are enemies, the Conservatives hope to pit Canadians against one another. Like many sophisticated forms of vicious propaganda, the invocation of barbarism is meant to create fear and anxiety rather than to identify a real problem.
We enjoy the rule of law in Canada and it requires the equal application of the law. Those who break the law should be treated within a common system of criminal justice.”

And finally this band clearly makes our wishes known and says “Vote that Fucker Out!'

A tip of the hat to the Ottawa Citizen and various Progressive Bloggers for drawing my attention to these Videos.

I will leave you with this assessment from former Conservative caucus member Brent Rathgeber :-
Junior staffers concocting schemes, micromanaging legislators, providing bogus stories covered by flimsy talking points, and all with a haphazard respect for truth, are all indicative of a Prime Minister’s Office run with a malfunctioning moral compass,”

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