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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Summer Break Starts Now

Over the past 5 years or more that I have been writing about our Canadian Democracy I have only taken a couple of very brief breaks from my self imposed weekly posting schedule before some outrageous action (by the former Harper Regime) has had me once again back shedding some light and opinion upon the state of said democracy. I now feel it is time for me to step away from such activities for a while and enjoy the summer months of my 70th year without worrying about such things. That is not to say that I will not continue to keep up to date with the goings on in Ottawa and across the country but I now feel mush more confident that the steady slip into dictatorship has been halted and is in fact headed back to where it should be. It is of course far from a done deal and promises do not legislation make, but at least (thus far) our new government is making the right noises and trying to undo the damage done over the past several years. Its early days yet but I do hope that they manage to bring in a more non partisan and cooperative attitude to both The House and The Senate and return our environmental and social safeguards to their previous (or better) values..

I will not be totally abandoning the blog, just writing myself a little less. I will probably, on occasion, be re-posting articles from other bloggers and news media that focuses upon democratic issues and deserve further attention, and occasionally having my say on things as and when the mood strikes me. I simply will not be writing weekly for the foreseeable future.

This blog remains open to those who do not have a forum of their own to express their views, concerns and aspirations for and about our Canadian Democracy and those who wish may submit articles for publication via email to democracyunderfire@gmail.com. Please see our “Submitting Articles” guidelines in that regard.

May this summer and the years beyond continue to bring us 'Sunny Days'.

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Lorne said...

Enjoy a well-deserved rest, Rural. You have gone above and beyond the call of service in the extensive and I am sure soul-affecting coverage you gave to the darkest years our country has ever faced.

Owen Gray said...

When I taught school, Rural, the summer holidays were a time to recharge. Enjoy your time off. I'll be looking forward to your return.

Unknown said...

Enjoy the beauty of Summer Rural, with a well deserved time off.

Rural said...

Thanks guys, I am hoping that some summer sun will bring back both my mental and physical wellbeing and ambition!