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Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Lament For The World

First he said that he would make America great again.
And the naive believed him.

Then he said he would create more jobs.
And the out of work cheered.

Then he said stop the Mexican immigrants.
And the bigoted flocked to join him.

Then he said he would relinquish control of his companies..
And his followers believed him.

Then he was elected by those who could not see.
And the world held its breath.

Then two million women world wide protested his policies.
And he ignored them and exaggerated his support..

Then he elevated millionaires and ideologues to cabinet positions.
And the rich and powerful cheered.

Then he spread lies calling it the 'alternative truth'.
And the press revealed the real truth.

Then he called the real truth 'fake news' and attacked the press.
And the world realized he was mentally unstable.

Then he banned immigration from Muslim countries.
And the bigoted racists emerged from hiding.

Then he trashed the media, retail giants and the courts.
And the Judges said that he was wrong.

Then the American people and the world began to see what had been wrought.
And visions of 1933 and 1945 came to those not blinded by his lies.

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Lorne said...

Well-stated, Rural. I am heartened, however, by the fact that America's rise to racism and fascism is not being ignored by the people. There appears to be no flagging of energy to protest, thus far, although it probably won't e long until the Orange Ogre labels such activities as 'un-American and unpatriotic.'

Simon said...

hi Rural...that's very good, and so true. So frighteningly true. I'd print a copy and paste it on my fridge, but I'd rather not have Trump's stormtroopers see it when they come bursting through the door. I used to believe that you shouldn't compare the present to the past, but not anymore....

Rural said...

Thanks guys, History tells us that not all dictators came to power through military means but more through lack of realization of the population as to where a particular 'leader' was taking them. The "First they came ..." poem written by Pastor Martin Niemöller was a warning of what was about to come, I truly hope that the current situation does not end with the same outcome.

Owen Gray said...

It's not hard to connect the dots, Rural -- if you can see them.

Rural said...

There is that old adage of having ones head in the sand, Owen