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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Enough said...

In a longish op-ed published in iPolitics Michael Harris says the next election is Trudeau's to loose, I cannot help but agree for the other choices are bleak.

By insisting on making war on the carbon tax his call to political arms, Scheer couldn’t say more clearly that he is yesterday’s man.

That doesn’t mean Trudeau is politically bullet-proof in 2019. Just that, should he lose, it will not be because Canadians suddenly want a Ford prototype in 24 Sussex Drive.

Whatever his shortcomings, the PM’s greatest strength is aspiring to something his father once aimed for: a just society.

Despite the broken promises, the awful lapses of judgment, and a few policy face-plants, Trudeau is arm-in-arm with Canadians on values. Scheer continues to hold hands with Harper on everything from climate change to immigration. And both of them continue to cast loving eyes southward to marvel at the power of lies.

Bottom line? Canadians won’t be flocking to populists in 2019 because they suddenly become climate-change-deniers, anti-immigrant, or bow down to a fact-free universe.

Short of a five-alarm scandal for the Liberals, or a serious abdication of the social values Trudeau stands for, they will choose the Liberals over Republican wannabes.

Which is just to say that, populist waves notwithstanding, the next election is Trudeau’s to win — or lose — all by himself.”

Whilst NO politician is going to be gods gift to the population and some, possible all, may have SOME proposals worth consideration at this point in time I see little choice but the liberals unless the slash and burn policies of the likes of Ford, Scheer, Kenny, Trump etc are your preference. The only thing that we can be certain of for the upcoming federal election is that the rhetoric is going to come thick and fast and be over the top and in all probability very ugly.

At this point in our collective history both nationally and world wide we need leaders who seek to unite us not divide. I very much fear that such voices will be drowned out by those for whom political expediency comes long before such things as social and environmental concerns or cooperation and consensus building.

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