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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Democracy Under Attack?

Yes, our very democracy is under attack, make no mistake whilst one or two commercial vehicle drivers may have been upset that they needed to get vaccinated to cross into the U.S. the current illegal gathering has nothing to do with a prick in the arm. Its more about other 'pricks'!

Its been some time since I wrote a few words in this long standing blog but recent events have me so concerned about our very democracy that I cannot but help add my support to those who condemn those who would further add to the already difficult difficult times that we all face due to the covid infection. I am so upset by what I hear and read about these would be anarchists that a cannot coherently put my thoughts to paper and thus will simply replicate a few of the words of others who are likewise disgusted by the actions of these trouble makers.

Mark Carney writes https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-mark-carney

But now in its second week, no one should have any doubt. This is sedition. That’s a word I never thought I’d use in Canada. It means “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.”

Michael Harris writes: It is the naked threat to degrade and make permanently dysfunctional Canada’s capital city, and other cities, unless the government abandons the public health policy it was elected on, and ends all Covid-related restrictions.

What we have here is not a protest but an occupation.

As highlighted at https://nor-re.blogspot.com/2022/02/truck-off.html

Perhaps the best assessment is offered by an infectious disease specialist with the University Health Network in Toronto, Dr. Abu Sharkawy, who says,

the protest is indicative of a larger societal creep, fed by right-wing populists, that has created a movement of people who feel “emboldened and entitled to abuse, threaten and recklessly exercise whatever prejudice is within their hearts.”

From https://politicsanditsdiscontents.blogspot.com/2022/02/the-kidnapping-of-capital.html

We’ve looked from across our border in horror at the crap that has been spewed in the United States, yet now these same forces are trying to inject lethal amounts of that same toxin into our body politic here, all of their own benefit. That is something that no Canadian should be supporting, let along legitimizing, at any point.


The manifesto of this occupation makes myriad, confusing, incompatible demands. They make no sense at all, really. There is no effective way to act on them, even if we wanted to........

This occupation wants its way. And only its way. Not compromise. They are a large, violent toddler thrashing about on the kitchen floor of our democracy. “Give it to me, or I will break shit,” they are telling us. They don’t care about me or anyone else in downtown Ottawa.


This is but a small selection of the views of the majority of Canadians that believe that this 'occupation is an assault on our democracy.

Look around the world folks this is but a refection of the lack of respect for the rule of law and democracy that is creeping into our civilization that will only become more prevalent as pressures from population growth, climate change and political greed build in the coming decades.


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Lorne said...

As you probably know, Rural, I share your concern about the upheavals we are currently undergoing. The truckers and their supporters clearly do not represent the majority view, but even if they did, their 'solution' to essentially to overthrow government has no place in a democracy.

All of them need to sit down with a good civics book to understand how our system operates. Oh yeah, and one more thing: They need to grow up.

Rural said...

Some folks need to spend a little time in places where democratic government is but a dream Lorne, a little time in such countrys may give them a better appreciation of the 'freedoms' they enjoy here!....

The Disaffected Lib said...

This is an attack on the very legitimacy of our elected government. I didn't vote for the Trudeau Liberals. I don't like them. They were returned to power via a very flawed process. However it is the electoral process in effect to decide these questions. We voted. This is what we got. It is ours.

It is not theirs to subvert yet that is what they seek to achieve. An incident of giving Mr. Trudeau's party the power of governance requires them to defend its legitimacy, its integrity against what the American constitution calls "enemies foreign and domestic." This, Mr. Trudeau has not done.

It is not for Mr. Trudeau to clear Ottawa streets of trucks but it is his obligation - to all Canadians - to move against those who resort to sedition - pour encourager les autres.

I fear that federal hesitation will only invite others from this despicable grievance culture to emulate this mob in future. That's what bullies do when they're not confronted.

Rural said...

Whilst no doubt at some point if it continues much longer the federal government will have to get involved, it is at this point largely a provincial problem and they seem to be doing absolutely nothing, where is the outrage of their non action?