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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Democracy Requires Dialog

So says my tag line for this blog and it is my belief that such dialog is fundamental to not only democracy and governance but for the good of society in general.

With that in mind for my first post of 2012 I will highlight a few of the various organizations, blogs and websites that are promoting dialog and discussion that I have become aware of in my internet travels.

In no particular order here are a few of my favorites, do take a look and get involved....

Progressive Bloggers THE site to visit for daily a compendium of blog writings from a variety of 'progressives'.

Canadian Green Bloggers Undeniably focused upon the Green point of view but you will find a variety of opinion here also.

Democracy Watch Duff Conacher has long been advocating for democratic reform and Government Accountability.

Fair Vote Canada Advocating for proportional representation and reform of our voting methods you will find much here about voting methods.

Measuring Democracy Samara Canada continues with its efforts to measure democracy by interviewing former MPs and seeking public opinion.

The Sixth Estate compiles lists of partisan appointments to various committees, boards and government positions.

Dale Smith gives us a daily synopsis of the goings on in the House of Commons with links to details and opinions on the subjects of the day.

Peace Order & Good Government The title of the blog tells you of its content, would that we had more of it. (Good Government that is)

Sudbury Steve If you can wade through Steves often looong posts you will find much of interest and more insight from a Green perspective.

I'm Political Nancy blogs daily about political issues, a great source for checking out what has or is happening on the federal scene.

And just because I particularly want to promote dialog within the rural population .

Rural Voices Network a new initiative from the Ontario Womens Institute to seek input from, and develop an online forum for those who live away from the centers of population and power.

The list is by no means all encompassing (you will find a few more in the side bar), there are new writers surfacing daily who understand that allowing a very few of the elected politicians backed by unelected interest groups and corporate big wigs to direct the dialog about our democracy is unacceptable. Only when the majority of citizens realize that doing nothing is even more unacceptable will the gradual erosion of democratic principals be reversed. Keep on bloging ladies and gentlemen your efforts DO have an impact.
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1 comment:

Sudbury Steve said...

Thanks for providing this list! I'll be checking out a number of the sites that you've recommended.

And thanks for including my own blogsite on your list!